Russian Hacking Cartel Attacks Costa Rican Government Institutions

WASHINGTON — A Russian hacking cartel has carried out an extraordinary cyberattack against the Costa Rican government, disrupting its tax collection and export systems for more than a month now, forcing the country to declare a state of emergency. Russia-based ransomware gang Conti claimed responsibility for the attack, which began on April 12, and threatened […]

Hackers Claim They Are Targeting Russian Institutions

Some of the online fighters have moved away from the tactics used previously in the conflict. In the initial phase of the war, Ukrainian hackers focused on attacks aimed at taking Russian websites offline. Russian hackers targeted Ukrainian government websites in January before the invasion and installed “wipe” malware that permanently wiped data from computer […]

How a Star New York Times Correspondent Got Money From Government Institutions

The editorial was published on Wednesday, April 24, 1963. The next day, as chairman of the fair’s science committee, Mr. Laurence appeared before the city’s Prediction Board to promote the project. On Friday, The Times reported He said he testified on behalf of the Queens plan, and after two hours of discussion, the board unanimously […]