TikTok monitors users’ internet activities outside of its service, researcher

TikTok According to researcher Felix Krause, it tracks people’s internet activity when they navigate to other websites via links clicked on the Chinese-owned platform. Mr. Krause wrote that the monitoring is like a “keylogger” collecting someone’s keystrokes. “TikTok iOS subscribes to every keystroke (text inputs) that occurs on third-party websites created in it. TikTok app,” […]

MapQuest and Other Internet Zombies

If you look in the right corners, the internet dream of the 1990s is still alive. More than 17 million Americans regularly use MapQuest, one of the first digital mapping sites to be taken over by Google and Apple long ago, according to data from research firm Comscore. Go.com, the dot-com-era internet portal, shut down […]

Internet Explorer Closes in a Blast of Nostalgia

The requirement for Internet Explorer to be included in the ubiquitous Windows operating system and used on certain government websites has made the browser an indispensable part of daily life for millions of people, he said. Updated June 15, 2022 at 2:25 PM ET It also accelerated The death of Netscape NavigatorThe world’s first commercial […]

Microsoft is removing support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft is pulling the plug on its old browser, Internet Explorer, on Wednesday, 27 years later. The decision to move away from the web browser entirely came seven years after the release of Microsoft Edge, which launched alongside the Windows 10 operating system in 2015. For the past seven years, Microsoft has continued to support […]

Internet Drama in Canada. (Really.)

Let’s talk a little bit about internet policy! in Canada! Wow! I’m serious that there are useful lessons from an epic over a home internet service in Canada. A promising, albeit flawed, system that increases options and improves internet service for Canadians is poised to disintegrate. Preventing last-minute government intervention By today or Friday, many […]

Inches Closer With Advances in ‘Quantum Internet’ Data Beaming

From Santa Barbara, California, to Hefei, China, scientists are developing a new type of computer that makes today’s machines look like toys. Taking advantage of the mysterious powers of quantum mechanics, the technology will perform tasks in minutes that even supercomputers could not complete in thousands of years. Google in the fall of 2019 experimental […]

6 Podcasts About the Dark Side of the Internet

Getting started: “What did you buy?” This cute series, which started in the first days of quarantine in March 2020, feels like eavesdropping on the conversation of two friends who understand the internet. One of the hosts, Ryan Broderick, used to host the popular Buzzfeed podcast “Internet Explorer” and brings the same curious, informative energy […]

China’s Internet Censors Are Trying a New Trick: Revealing Users’ Locations

A hashtag calling for the feature’s swift cancellation had amassed 8,000 posts and had more than 100 million views before it was censored in late April. A university student in Zhejiang province sued the Chinese social platform Weibo in March for leaking personal information without his consent when the platform automatically showed his location. Others […]

White House says internet providers will cut wages for the poor

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — The Biden administration announced on Monday that 20 internet companies have agreed to provide discounted services to low-income Americans. subsidy. The $1 trillion infrastructure package passed by Congress last year included $14.2 billion in funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides $30 per month ($75 in tribal areas) subsidies on […]

The USA and more than 55 other countries have pledged to keep an open internet.

The White House said on Thursday that the United States and more than 55 other governments have pledged to strengthen online democracy by agreeing not to shut down internet access, use algorithms to illegally spy on citizens, or run misinformation campaigns to undermine elections. Governments said they would not block or limit access to legitimate […]