SpaceX Receives Environmental Approval for Starship Mars Rocket Launch

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday there were no environmental demonstrators in SpaceX’s plans to launch a giant new rocket from South Texas into orbit. An environmental assessment by the agency It concluded that SpaceX’s orbital launch plans would not have a “significant impact” on the region stretching along the Gulf Coast near Brownsville, […]

NASA Starts Countdown to End of InSight Mars Mission

NASA’s InSight spacecraft not fully dead yet. But InSight, a stationary robotic probe on Mars, is getting weaker as dust builds up on its solar panels. Mission managers predict it won’t have enough energy to keep its vehicles running by the end of summer and will be quiet until the end of the year. “It’s […]

NASA Sees ‘Otherworld’ Debris on Mars with Creative Helicopter

The object looks like a flying saucer that crashed on Mars. And it really is. But it doesn’t belong to aliens. Instead, the wreckage is NASA’s job; this is a component called a rear shell that was detached during combat. Landing of the Perseverance rover On the surface of the red planet in February 2021. […]

Mapping the atmosphere on Mars can help advance science on our own

The Hope probe has three main objectives, the first is to understand the lower Martian atmosphere and its weather and climate. Yousuf continues, “The second objective is to correlate the lower atmosphere conditions with the upper atmosphere to explain how weather changes the escape of hydrogen and oxygen. And the final objective that we have […]

No European Mars mission this year due to war in Ukraine

PARIS – Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe will not try to send its first rover to Mars this year; this would investigate whether the planet was home to life at all. The launch of the ExoMars rover to the red planet is likely in 2026 or 2028 if cooperation on the mission with […]

Planned Euro-Russia Joint Mars Mission Called ‘Very Likely’

this Launch planned in 2022 The European Space Agency said on Monday that it is “highly unlikely” that a European space mission with Russia will land a robot on Mars. The possible postponement of the mission is a result of the European Union’s sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Civil space cooperation between […]

Leaping Rocks Point to Earthquakes on Mars

If a rock falls on Mars and there is no one to see it, will it leave a trace? Yes, and it’s a beautiful herringbone-like pattern, new research reveals. Scientists have now detected thousands of tracks on the red planet formed by rolling rocks. The team showed that delicate swaths of Martian dust and sand […]

NASA’s Top Retired Scientist Jim Green Says We Can Terraform Mars

Yes, it can be done. Stop stripping and the pressure will increase. Mars will begin to terraform itself. This is what we want: for the planet to participate as much as it can. When the pressure rises, the temperature rises. The first level of terraforming is at 60 millibars, which is 10 times higher than […]

You Don’t Need a Spaceship to Grow ‘Strange Small’ Mars Radishes

In the historical imagination, astronomers look through telescopes and photonic wisdom flows at the speed of light. By taking what they can, they passively receive information about distant stars and planets. These objects are fixed and their conditions cannot be changed. But not all astronomy works like that. For example, planetary and exoplanet scientists don’t […]

NASA confirms Mars rover snatched up to 40 1st rock samples

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA’s newest Mars rover has completed its first sample capture by lifting its tube of rock to return to Earth. The Perseverance rover team confirmed last week’s successful drilling and collection after reviewing photos of the core sample. NASA wanted to make sure it was safe inside the titanium tube, […]