You Hear The Musical Saw. These Mathematicians Heard About Geometry.

In the early 19th century, an unknown musician in the Appalachian Mountains discovered that a steel handsaw, a tool previously only used for chopping wood, could also be used to produce full and sustained musical notes. The idea had undoubtedly occurred to many musically inclined carpenters elsewhere at other times. The key is that the […]

Mathematicians use algorithms to stop gerrymandering

One of those users for decades was Thomas Hofeller, “Michelangelo of modern gerrymander” is the longtime Republican National Committee’s official re-regional director, who died in 2018. Gerrymandering schemes, “cracking” and “bundling” – to distribute votes to a party across counties, thus diluting their power and cramming like-minded voters into one district, wasting the power they […]