Top Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy Is Said To Be Planning To Leave

WASHINGTON — White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy has told confidants she is disappointed with the slow progress in climate and plans to step down in the coming months, according to several people she spoke with. Friends and colleagues said on Thursday that McCarthy, 67, who has served since the beginning of the Biden administration, […]

McCarthy Threatens Tech Firms Compliant With Riot Investigation

WASHINGTON — House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has threatened to retaliate against any company that complies with the congressional committee investigating the investigation. January 6 rebellion, after the panel asked dozens of companies to protect the phone and social media records of 11 far-right Congressmen trying to spoof the results of the 2020 election. McCarthy’s […]

No, Cormac McCarthy is not on Twitter. Don’t Be Fooled by Control

The checkmark gave it a look of legitimacy, but it’s a popular Twitter account associated with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy. “Path” and “There is no country for old people,” His manager went on to say on Monday that it wasn’t fake without confirmation. Bill, @CormacMcCrthyhas gained more than 49,000 followers since it was created […]