Can Natural Gas Be Used To Generate Power With Less Emissions?

part of this article beginningA series about startups benefiting from new science and technology. LA PORTE, TEXAS – It wasn’t like in the movies. No one pulled down a big switch on the wall, there was a satisfying “rumble” and an electric crackle. Instead, one evening last November, a shift supervisor NET Power, a clean […]

EPA Reversing Trump Will Restore States’ Power to Block Pipelines

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Thursday will restore the power to veto gas pipelines, coal terminals and other energy projects to states and tribes if they pollute local rivers and streams, and reverse the Trump-era rule that restricted that power. For 50 years, the Clean Water Act has given states and tribes the ability […]

China accelerating destruction of global order in power grab, US Pacific

China’s ruling Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army are upending the rules-based international order and increasing global efforts to expand power, the US admiral in charge of Pacific forces said in a House session on Tuesday. In his detailed written statement, Commander of the Indo-Pacific Command, Aquilino, discussed China’s strategic and military ambitions to rapidly […]

Shaun King: Elon Musk buys ‘about white power’ on Twitter

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has already resulted in at least one liberal casualty. Shaun King left the platform earlier in the day after Mr. Musk claimed he wanted to buy the platform to advance “white power”. The fact that @ElonMusk wants to buy Twitter is not fundamentally a left-right issue. It’s about white power. […]

Ukraine says powerful Russian hack against power grid thwarted

BOSTON (AP) — Russian military hackers tried last week to cut power to millions of Ukrainians in a long-planned attack, but were unsuccessful, Ukrainian government officials said on Tuesday. At a power plant, hackers managed to break into and disrupt part of the industrial control system, but the people defending the station were able to […]

Tiny Frog Could Upgrade Nevada Geothermal Power Plant Project

In February, an appeals court dropped a case. interim injunction stopping construction on plants. An appeal is pending before the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and construction has resumed. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal energy is produced from hot springs below the earth’s surface, whose underground reservoirs are accessed by drilling […]

Drought cuts off California’s hydroelectric power. here is what

usually hydroelectric comes under fire due to its environmental impact, because dams disrupt ecosystems. Actually, California right now doesn’t count large hydroelectric power plants in renewable energy targets. But regardless of how it is classified, hydropower is a low emission alternative to fossil fuels. During times of high stress on the grid, reduced hydropower reliability […]

EU Targets Big Tech’s Power with Landmark Digital Act

GÖTTINGEN, Germany — The European Union was expected to complete one of the world’s most sweeping laws this week, tackling the power of the biggest tech companies by enacting rules to affect app stores, online advertising, e-commerce, messaging. services and other everyday digital tools. The so-called Digital Markets Act will be the most comprehensive part […]

‘No Code’ Brings the Power of AI to the Masses

An increasing number of new products allow anyone to implement artificial intelligence without having to write a line of computer code. Proponents believe that the “no code” movement will change the world. Source link

What Could a Power Outage Mean for Chernobyl’s Nuclear Waste?

Unlike an operating nuclear power plant, which can use some of the electricity it generates to power its operation, the long-defunct Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine is completely dependent on external electricity sources. So, as the Ukrainian authorities and the International Atomic Energy Agency say, when this power is cut, problems may arise because it […]