Court of Appeals Revitalizes Texas Law Targeting Social Media Companies

A Texas law banning major social media companies from removing political speech was the first of its kind, enacted Wednesday, raising complex questions about how to follow rules for major web platforms. The law, which applies to social media platforms with 50 million or more monthly active users in the United States, was passed last […]

Supreme Court Revitalizes Trump Era Environmental Regulation

Twenty states and the District of Columbia, along with environmental groups, objected to the arrangement, saying it violated federal law. After President Biden took office, the Environmental Protection Agency said it would review the rule and asked the three judges who presided over the challenges to return them to the agency. However, the EPA did […]

Adults or Sexually Abused Minors? Getting it Right Revitalizes Facebook

The number of suspected reports of child sexual abuse has increased exponentially in recent years. The high volume, which reached roughly 100,000 in 2009, overwhelmed both the national clearing house and law enforcement. 2019 Investigation by The Times He found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation could manage its caseload from the clearinghouse only by […]

As Federal Disaster Relief Revitalizes, Private Lenders

WASHINGTON — Private lenders will play a larger role in disaster recovery funding under a program announced Tuesday to fill the void left by slow federal aid programs that have taken years to provide money for victims of floods, wildfires and other disasters. Funded in part by financial giant Morgan Stanley, the program will pay […]