Becomes ‘Snarge’ and Working Out Makes Your Air Ride Safer

when i write About European starlings and their complex tales of North American origin, I didn’t expect readers to be so fascinated by a particular word in the article: snarge. But like emails, tweets and other feedback poured in, it turned out that the bitter-sounding six-letter word and the field of scientific research that created […]

Picasso heirs release digital artwork to ride ‘crypto’ wave

GENEVA (AP) – Pablo, meet Crypto. The heirs of famous 20th-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso are jumping into the 21st-century trade by selling 1,010 never-before-seen digital artworks of one of his ceramic works. took the worlds of art and finance by storm. For an exclusive interview ahead of this week’s official launch, Picasso’s granddaughter Marina […]