Roe v. When Wade Is Overthrown, Companies Keep Silence on Abortion

The companies had more than a month to formulate a response to the termination of federal abortion rights in the United States if they did not weigh in soon after a draft opinion was leaked in May. But when the final decision comes Dobbs – Jackson Women’s Health Organization On Friday, relatively few had anything […]

Meta, Roe v. Restricting Wade’s Overthrow in Internal Debate

Meta told its employees on Friday not to discuss the situation openly. The decision of the Constitutional Court abolishing the right to abortion People with knowledge on the subject spoke on the wide-ranging communication channels within the company. Executives at Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, speaking on condition of anonymity, spoke of a company […]

The US Supreme Court overturned the case between Roe and Wade. What does it mean?

Access to legal abortion is now governed by state law, allowing each state to decide whether to prohibit, restrict, or allow abortion. Some parts of the country are much stricter than others – Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky 13 states with trigger laws This immediately made abortion illegal after the verdict. Altogether, about half of states […]