Microsoft detects free surge in Russian hacking and espionage

Russia has ramped up its hacking and cyber espionage against groups in 42 countries as its war continues in Ukraine, according to a Microsoft report released Wednesday. Microsoft president Brad Smith said Russia’s number one target outside of Ukraine is the United States, but noted that Russian cyber activity has also targeted Poland, where much […]

Microsoft: Russian cyberespionage targets 42 Ukrainian allies

CLEVELAND (AP) – Coinciding with the relentless cyberattacks on Ukraine, state-sponsored Russian hackers conducted “strategic espionage” against governments, think tanks, businesses and aid groups in 42 countries supporting Kiev, Microsoft said in a report Wednesday. told. “Since the beginning of the war, Russian targeting (of Ukraine’s allies) has been successful 29 percent of the time,” […]

Blows abound in Africa as Chinese and Russian influence grows

According to regional experts, the increase in the number of military coups overthrowing democratic governments in Africa can be attributed to China’s growing regional and global influence. Strengthening democracy on the continent. Seven coups and coup attempts in the past two years – the highest in more than four decades – have brought power-hungry military […]

Russian Coal Mine Responsible for Major Methane Leaks

A remote sensing satellite has detected one of the largest releases of methane from a single industrial zone, an underground coal mine in south-central Russia. The finding is another indication of the extent of the problem of reducing emissions of methane, a potent gas that warms the planet. At the Raspadskya mine, Russia’s largest coal […]

IBM closes Russian business, lays off workers

IBM getting rid of the footprint inside Russia In the midst of the war in Ukraine, it makes it the last American tech company to overhaul its work because of the war. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said in an internal message to his employees that the company will “terminate in an orderly fashion”. Russia After […]

Russian Academics Aim to Punish Colleagues for Supporting Ukraine Invasion

Some academic researchers in Russia are working quietly to prevent their colleagues who supported their country’s invasion of Ukraine from being elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences this month. If they succeed, their supporters of the war will reject a valuable credential that gives prestige to Russian higher education institutions. Their campaigns may also […]

Russian Academics Aim to Punish Colleagues for Supporting Ukraine Invasion

Some voters think the list can make a difference in the election. “Most of the scientific community is absolutely anti-war,” said Alexander Nozik, a physicist at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, who was not involved in creating the list. “Being on such a list can significantly reduce his chances of being selected.” Updated […]

Live updates | Russian official seeks base in Kherson region

An official in Russia in Ukraine’s Kherson region said the pro-Kremlin administration of the region would ask Moscow to establish a military base there. “There must be a Russian military base in the Kherson region,” said Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the administration established by Russia in Kherson, according to the Russian state news agency […]

Live updates | Life sentence for Russian soldier in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine – A Ukrainian court sentenced a 21-year-old Russian soldier to life imprisonment for killing a Ukrainian civilian on Monday. Russiainvasion of . Sergeant. Vadim Shishimarin was accused of shooting a Ukrainian civilian in the head in a village in the northeastern Sumi region in the early days of the war. He admitted his […]