Twitter Employees Search for Answers as the Musk Deal Takes Shape

In January 2020, thousands of Twitter employees gathered in Houston for a corporate summit called #OneTeam. During the event, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter at the time, announced that he had invited a surprise guest. Then, with a wave and a smile, Elon Musk appeared on the giant screens above the stage. The crowd cheered, […]

A Smart City Built on Data Takes Shape in Busan

The air filtration system is among 15 products Samsung provides in every home – including AirDresser, a closet that can dry, steam and sterilize clothes – all of which can be controlled using the SmartThings app. But there are also smaller businesses in a country known for its electronics companies. Unmanned Solution, a 35-employee company […]

How China Is Using Bots And Fake Twitter Accounts To Shape The Olympics

Published with this article ProPublicanonprofit investigative newsroom. BEIJING — In the Chinese-propaganda village of Potemkin, the Winter Olympics emerged as a pure success, a celebration of sport and political cohesion that covered up the country’s flaws and abuses—which were covered up by critics. The hills are snowy in Beijing 2022, not the usual brown at […]