Dave Smith, whose synthesizers shaped electronic music, dies at 72

Unlike a piano or organ, early synthesizers such as the Moog and ARP could only produce one note at a time. Shaping a particular tone involved adjusting multiple knobs, switches, or dials, and trying to reproduce that tone later meant typing in all the settings and hoping for similar results next time. Prophet-5 co-designed by […]

The Shakespearean Tall Tale That Shaped How We See Starlings

In 1890, a mustachioed eccentric named Eugene Schieffelin released a few dozen European starlings into New York City. His supposed goal? Introduce all the bird species mentioned in William Shakespeare’s plays to America. More than a century later, the European starling is one of the most plentiful bird species in North America. Something like 85 […]

‘Spaceship Shaped’ Fossil Reveals Ancient Ocean’s Hungry Predator

About 506 million years ago, a predator swept the silt floors of the Cambrian ocean. Rakelike feed arms sifted through the mud it had raised and guided the soft-bodied worms into a constricting, round mouth. In 2018, a team of paleontologists from the Royal Ontario Museum discovered the preserved shell of this ancient predator while […]