Kevin Hart’s Media Company Sells $100 Million Shares to Private Equity

Kevin Hart has heard apocalyptic rumors about the streaming industry that have been shaking up Hollywood since Netflix reported it losing subscribers last week. But prolific actor and stand-up comedian Mr. Hart isn’t buying it. “There are too many different assets, too many different platforms, too many different places for the content world to disappear,” […]

Netflix shares drop 26% after losing 200,000 subscribers

SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix suffered its first subscriber loss in more than a decade, causing its shares to plunge 25% in expanded trading amid concerns that the pioneering streaming service may have seen its best days. According to the quarterly earnings report released on Tuesday, the company’s customer base dwindled by 200,000 subscribers in the […]

Musk sells more shares than he needs to pay current tax bill

DETROIT (AP) – elon musk sells more tesla share he it has to pay its current tax obligations and experts say heconversion part to her wealth from stock or heSavings for larger tax bills due next year. Earlier on Wednesday, Musk sold about 8.2 million shares of the electric car and solar panel maker in […]

CEO Musk sells $5 billion in Tesla shares after Twitter poll

DETROIT (AP) – After making a promise on Twitter, tesla CEO elon musk It sold about 4.5 million shares of the electric car maker’s shares, for more than $5 billion. The sales, announced in 10 regulatory filings late Wednesday, amount to about 3% of Musk’s stake in the company. About $1.1 billion will be spent […]

Tesla Shares Drop Another 12%, Losing $200 Billion Since Musk

Shares of Tesla fell sharply for the second day in a row, dropping 12 percent on Tuesday in an ongoing jolt after the company’s founder, Elon Musk, suggested on Twitter that he would sell 10 percent of his stake in Tesla. Tuesday’s losses plunge the stock more than 16 percent this week and nearly erase […]

Elon Musk asked Twitter if he would sell Tesla shares

NEW YORK (AP) – Tesla CEO Elon Musk is asking on Twitter if he will sell 10% of his stake in the electric vehicle company amid pressure from billionaires like him to raise taxes. Some Democrats force billionaires to pay taxes when the price of their stock rises, even if they don’t sell any shares. […]

Robinhood IPO: Shares Drop at $38 After Opening

SAN FRANCISCO — Robinhood helped propel a “meme stock” craze earlier this year that sent small companies’ stock prices on a roller coaster ride. On Thursday, its IPO was much more subdued. Shares at the start of the stock trading were trading at $38, the same price as its quote, but later dropped. The bid […]