Juul Users Are Starting To Say Goodbye To Their Vape Of Choice

After nearly 25 years of smoking, Tim Marchman wanted to quit. Still, he didn’t want to be what he called the “vape guy,” the kind of person who spends hours in specialty stores choosing from dozens of electronic nicotine delivery devices, most of them quite elaborate. So he settled on what struck him as the […]

Why Aren’t US Oil Companies Starting to Save Europe?

“The model has completely changed,” he said. Oil executives also argue that they spend a lot of money on new oil and gas production, but inflation undermines their efforts. According to RBN Energy, a research firm in Houston, exploration and production spending will increase more than 20 percent this year, but about two-thirds of that […]

Google Will Allow Some Apps Starting With Spotify to Offer Alternatives

Google said on Wednesday He said it will allow some apps, such as Spotify, to offer their own billing systems on the Google Play store as part of a pilot program. The move will allow these apps to bypass Google’s own payment system and the main commissions it charges. The change comes as Google and […]

Rand Paul says he’s leaving Big Tech platforms, starting with YouTube

you are. Rand Paul said monday he Big Tech will stop using its platforms and belong to Google YouTube first concerns the censorship of online speech. “Today, I’m starting my exit from Big Tech, starting with the worst censorship YouTube,” the Kentucky Republican said in a statement. “As a libertarian-leaning senator, I think private companies […]

CDC Says Omicron Variant Is Starting To Appear Nationwide

The US system has been relatively slow to receive variant cases, in part due to travel patterns or restrictive US entry rules. However, the system is also blind spots and delays. Last week, the CDC reported: 43 known infections detected In the United States, in the first eight days of December, 34, or 79 percent, […]

Woman Accused of Arson in Starting California Wildfire

A woman from Palo Alto, California, has been charged with arson in connection with a wildfire in Shasta County that burned nearly 9,850 acres and damaged more than 25 buildings and exacerbated the toll of an already brutal fire season in the state. . Alexandra Souverneva, 30, who was arrested on Thursday, could face up […]

10 Helpful Tips for Starting Preschool

There are so many fun things about starting kindergarten. Cute little backpacks and special first day outfits. All so sweet! But let’s go beyond shiny new shoes and haircuts. What else should mothers of first-time preschoolers know? One of the reasons I love this platform is to encourage other mothers who are a few steps […]