A giant stingray may be the world’s largest freshwater fish

Biologist Zeb Hogan has been searching for the world’s largest freshwater fish for 17 years. On June 13, his team found him – a giant freshwater stingray, or Urogymnus polylepis. Extracted from the turbid waters of the Mekong River in Cambodia, the beam measured 13 feet long before being returned to the river. And at […]

Watch A Giant Stingray Safely Return To Its River Nest

Just after dawn on May 5, scientists working along the Mekong River in Cambodia released a giant, endangered freshwater stingray caught by a fisherman’s hook. At 13 feet long and 400 pounds, the giant animal pancake was larger than a hibachi table. “She was shaking and I said to her, ‘Calm down, we’re going to […]