It’s COP26 Time. Here’s Where We Stopped.

A major United Nations climate summit in Glasgow kicks off this weekend, and a series of new studies have been conducted to examine how much progress the world has actually made in the fight against climate change. And these data offer both hope and cause for alarm. There is some good news, as I explained […]

They Waited, They Worried, They Stopped. They Shot This Week.

CHICAGO – They admitted that they might show up months ago. Many were glad that they had finally done the right thing. A few grumbled that they had little choice. In one day of the last week, more than half a million people It flowed across the United States to high school gyms, pharmacies, and […]

In another blow to Didi, China stopped downloading another 25 apps.

In its latest criticism of ride-hailing giant Didi, China ordered the removal of 25 more of the company’s apps from mobile stores on Friday, deepening the regulatory vortex that has engulfed the company since then. Go public on the New York Stock Exchange last week. The country’s internet regulator said in a statement. 22:00 announcement […]