Monkeypox in Bay Area wastewater

Latest data They suggest that monkeypox DNA can also be detected in a variety of bodily fluids from those infected. This includes respiratory and nasal secretions, saliva, urine, feces and semen – so a cleaned tissue from someone with monkeypox can register the virus in wastewater. If a pathogen’s genetic footprint can remain in wastewater […]

CDC expands efforts to detect coronavirus in wastewater, sees uses

Want to know if a wave of COVID-19 is coming to your city? Check the poop. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday it is expanding its efforts to sample wastewater for the virus and is releasing data from the national surveillance network to the online COVID-19 tracker for the first time. “This […]

Wastewater Improvements Are Key As Infrastructure Is A Flow Of Money

HAYNEVILLE, Ala. — It’s not the brook that’s chattering behind Marilyn Rudolph’s country house. Thirty feet behind his modest, well-kept home, a stained PVC pipe protrudes from the ground and sprays raw wastewater whenever someone flushes the toilet or turns on the washing machine. What is known as the “straight pipe” – the primitive, unsanitary […]