Start-Up Financing Drops Worst Since 2019

SAN FRANCISCO — Startup funding falls for the first time in three years. The numbers are sharp. Investments in US tech startups have fallen 23 percent in the last three months to $62.3 billion, according to figures released Thursday by PitchBook, which tracks startups. Worse, in the first six months of the year, initial sales […]

How Bad Is the Western Drought? Worst in 12 Centuries, Study Found.

ALBUQUERQUE — Scientists said Monday that the mega-drought in the Southwest America has become so severe that it’s now the driest twenty years in at least 1200 years in the region, and climate change is largely responsible. The drought, which began in 2000, has reduced water supplies, devastated farmers and ranchers, and helped fuel forest […]

Fukushima operators send robot to worst affected molten reactor

TOKYO (AP) — A remote-controlled robot on Tuesday was used to probe Japan’s toughest nuclear reactor at Japan’s dilapidated Fukushima facility, as officials move forward with delays and controversial cleanup operations. The 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused a catastrophic meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi’s three reactors, partially burying their radioactive cores in the plant’s concrete foundations, […]

Stocks fall, worst week since March 2020; Netflix tanks

Stocks fell again on Wall Street on Friday, capping the worst weekly drop for the S&P 500 since the start of the pandemic. Investors are increasingly concerned about rising inflation and how aggressive the Federal Reserve might be to cut interest rates. Historically low rates have helped support the broader market as the economy took […]

Inside Amazon’s Worst Human Resources Problem

Company executives warned about “inadequate service level”, “missing processes” and “prone to delay and error” systems in internal correspondence. The scale of the problem makes clear how Amazon employees routinely take a backseat to customers during the company’s rapid rise to retail dominance. To satisfy customers’ appetite for fast delivery, Amazon has outperformed its competitors […]

Florida Sees Worst of Pandemic So Far

Here’s what you need to know: Paramedics admitting a patient to the emergency room at the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Fla., this month.Credit…Octavio Jones/Reuters More people in Florida are catching the coronavirus, being hospitalized and dying of Covid-19 now than at any previous point in the pandemic, underscoring the perils of limiting public health […]

‘The Worst Thing I Can Remember’: How Drought Is Crushing

TOWNER, ND – Darrell Rice stood in a cornfield he planted in early June to be harvested in the fall and chopped up to feed the hundreds of cows and calves he raised in central North Dakota. “It must be six, seven, eight feet tall,” he said, looking at the stunted plants at his feet, […]

The Best and Worst Cities to Live in Without a Car

in Florida, 600 tons of dead fish piled up on the beaches. in the western USA, droughts contributed Forest fires causing air quality warnings thousands of miles away. Usually wet and temperate Britain, the first heat warning has been issued. Record rainfall in China deadly flood. Each of these events took place within a few […]