EXCLUSIVE: Senate GOP pledges to cut Biden’s funding

Senate Republicans cast doubt on President Biden’s future by promising to dissolve the disinformation board at the Department of Homeland Security. Senator Steve Daines of Montana and 17 other Republican lawmakers say they will oppose any appropriations or government funding bill that includes money for the board. The discussion was made in a letter sent […]

Fed nominee Michael Barr calls inflation ‘too high’

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s pick as the Federal Reserve’s top banking regulator pledged Thursday to help curb high inflation and provide “clear rules” for managing financial innovation. Speaking to members of the Senate Banking Committee evaluating his candidacy, Michael Barr said, “I believe inflation is very high today and I am determined to […]

5G private networks enable business anywhere

The manufacturing industry is exploring 5G technology at an accelerated pace, largely to enable AI-driven use cases such as: closed loop manufacturing, adaptive productionPredictive analytics and augmented reality (XR)-based employee training and safety for maintenance, says Jagadeesh Dantuluri, general manager, private and private networks at Keysight Technologies. “It’s not about a static assembly line that […]

Let Kids Be Kids: 6 Ways I Foster a Childlike Spirit in School

Childhood is a truly special time, and as parents we know it is fleeting. The moments when our children expect everything from us, such as guidance, love, emotional support, are very valuable. I know it’s all too easy to slip into the mindset of begging the next age or stage for a little more independence. […]

‘Twitter philanthropy’ reveals social safety net gaps

Single dad Billy Price was struggling to make a living before someone broke into his Michigan storage unit and stole his identity and ruined his credit. Price filed a police report and then tweeted to Bill Pulte, a multimillionaire who he heard was using Twitter to give money to those in need. “They took almost […]

Almost half of Biden’s Twitter followers are fake audition shows

Nearly half of President Biden’s 22.2 million followers on Twitter are fake, according to a new audit. Software company SparkToro has determined that 49.3% of accounts following Mr. Biden’s official account @POTUS are not real users based on location data, default profile pictures or when the accounts join. SparkToro defines fake followers as “accounts that […]

Teens Seeking Pills Take to Social Media With Fatal Results

Now results are blocked when Snapchat users search for “fenta”, “xanax” or other dope language. They are directed to an address in-app video channel “fentapills” from nonprofit groups and the CDC – with content supposedly addressing the dangers of OxyContin, Percocet, Xanax, and Adderall. according to facebook latest community standards reportIn the fourth quarter of […]

Why is China still obsessed with disinfecting everything?

Scientists say that as China grapples with its biggest-ever increase in covid cases, the government’s decision to continue to challenge the government’s narrative that surfaces pose a significant risk of infection means time and money are being poured into the wrong things during a crisis. Measures to stop airborne transmission they are much more effective. […]

Stocks float on Wall Street, close to bear market

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks slumped in afternoon trading on Wall Street on Thursday as sustained high inflation continues to weigh on the economy and keeps major indexes in deep slump. The benchmark for many index funds, the S&P 500 is coming out of its biggest drop in nearly two years. It eased an early […]

Sports in Norway, Like Skiing and Bobsledding, Face Threat From

LONGYEARBYEN, Norway — It was early April, and while the midnight sun had not yet arrived on the remote archipelago of Svalbard, darkness had begun its annual four-month retreat from the world’s northernmost town. On a cold, pristine morning, sled dogs with their thick coats and powerful legs began a howling chorus as they set […]