Ken Knowlton, Father of Computer Art and Animation, Dies at 91

Dr. Knowlton stayed at Bell Labs until 1982, experimenting with everything from computer-generated music to technologies that allow deaf people to read sign language over the phone. He later joined Wang Laboratories where, in the late 1980s, he helped develop a personal computer that allowed users to annotate documents with synchronized voice messages and stylus […]

Juul Users Are Starting To Say Goodbye To Their Vape Of Choice

After nearly 25 years of smoking, Tim Marchman wanted to quit. Still, he didn’t want to be what he called the “vape guy,” the kind of person who spends hours in specialty stores choosing from dozens of electronic nicotine delivery devices, most of them quite elaborate. So he settled on what struck him as the […]

Juul tries to circumvent FDA ban on e-cigarette sales in the US

Juul on Friday asked a federal court to block the government’s order to stop selling e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette maker asked the court to stop what it called an “extraordinary and unlawful act” by the Food and Drug Administration that would require it to stop its business immediately. The company filed an emergency lawsuit with the […]

‘We Are The Biggest Uncertainty’

I wanted to talk to Katharine Hayhoe about us. We, as in “us” in his book “Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Example of Hope and Healing in a Divided World.” Hayhoe sets out a bold, highly quixotic goal from the very beginning. The preface reads: “In this book, I want to show you how to […]

The US Supreme Court overturned the case between Roe and Wade. What does it mean?

Access to legal abortion is now governed by state law, allowing each state to decide whether to prohibit, restrict, or allow abortion. Some parts of the country are much stricter than others – Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky 13 states with trigger laws This immediately made abortion illegal after the verdict. Altogether, about half of states […]

World’s Heat Waves Pushing People and Nations ‘To the Edges’

Millions of Americans are once again in the grip of dangerous heat. The warm weather that swept across Europe last weekend has caused parts of France and Spain to feel like it usually does in July or August. High temperatures burned northern and central china Even heavy rains caused flooding in the south of the […]

Online Privacy Act gets support from House of House

“We’re addicted to being on Facebook.” — Jordi Berbera, who runs a pizza stand in Mexico City: rest of the world why has it turned to selling its products via social networking instead of more traditional food delivery practices. big story “Am I going crazy or am I being followed?” Inside the disturbing online world […]

Yann LeCun’s big bet on building smart machines

Melanie Mitchell, an artificial intelligence researcher at the Santa Fe Institute, is also excited to see a whole new approach. “We haven’t really seen much of this coming out of the deep learning community,” she says. He also agrees with LeCun that major language models can’t be the whole story. “They lack the memory and […]

Is North Korea carrying a nuclear bomb across the border?

Seoul, South Korea — Is North Korea poised to deploy tactical nuclear weapons along its tense border with rival South Korea, only a short drive from the 26 million people living in and around its capital, Seoul? That’s what it looks like to many experts who paid close attention to a high-profile North Korean military […]

Bangladesh Floods Cause Deaths and Destructions in Sylhet

PEKERKHAL, Bangladesh — Rohima Begum was making breakfast last week when the floodwaters started pouring into her tin and bamboo house and racing on the ground. Ms. Begüm, her three children and her mother fled quickly in a small boat. When they looked back, the house and its belongings had been swept. “I’m having a […]