Artillery leading the war in Ukraine

Although its fundamentals have changed little since the Chinese discovered gunpowder technology in the ninth century, artillery has long been known as the “King of War” for its important role in warfare: Using explosive force, propel a heavy object through a pipe towards the enemy. But military strategists say the staggering course of the three-month […]

Broadcast TV’s reduced role made clear in fall presentations

They couldn’t even go on stage. Last week, entertainment companies Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros. There were constant reminders of the waning influence of television broadcast networks as Discovery, NBC Universal, and Fox sold their upcoming products to advertisers with flashy New York presentations. Nothing was more dazzling than the fact that ABC and CBS entertainment […]

Elon Musk denies flight attendants sexual harassment claim

Elon Musk describes allegations that he disclosed himself to a flight attendant in 2016 as “totally untrue”. He said this was part of political attacks in retaliation for an attempt to buy Twitter in the fight for freedom of expression. A flight attendant claimed that Mr. Musk exposed himself, rubbed his leg without his consent, […]

6 Tips for Beautiful Pots

No matter how big your garden, balcony or porch is, container gardening fits them all. Now that May has come, it’s time to plant our pots with flowers to enjoy all summer and welcome those who come to our homes and backyards. Of course, plant and container varieties abound—sun and shade plants, monochrome color palettes […]

Live updates | Turkish president discusses NATO membership

ANKARA, Turkey – The Turkish president said he was conducting “telephone diplomacy” with his foreign counterparts on Sweden and Finland’s bids to join NATO. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated on Friday that his country is determined not to approve the alliance membership of countries that Turkey accuses of supporting “terrorist organisations”. Erdogan prevented Sweden and […]

Joe Biden kicks off Asia trip with Samsung tour in South Korea

President Biden on Friday promised to take the US-South Korea relationship “higher” as he launches the East Asian rollout at a Samsung-owned semiconductor manufacturer that has invested billions of dollars in the US. Mr. Biden said that Samsung’s building a new factory in Texas is symbolic of a technology alliance that will help both countries […]

Joe Biden starts his Asian trip with global issues and technology on the agenda

PYEONGTAEK, South Korea (AP) — President Biden begins a trip to Asia with a focus on the computer chip shortage plaguing the world economy, and tours a Samsung computer chip factory that will serve as the model for a $17 billion semiconductor factory. The Korean electronics company plans to open in Texas. Friday’s visit is […]

Canada bans China’s Huawei Technologies from 5G networks

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has decided to ban China’s Huawei Technologies from Canada’s next-generation mobile networks. The development of 5G or fifth-generation networks will provide people with faster online connections and ample data capacity to meet extreme demand as more things connect to the internet and innovations such as virtual […]

Biden executive warns of tech industry infiltrating North Korea

The Biden administration warns that IT professionals skilled in developing dating apps and mobile games may actually be North Koreans infiltrating the tech industry to benefit their country’s weapons and missile programs. The FBI, State Department and Treasury Department issued a joint advisory this week, saying North Korea has sent thousands of highly skilled workers […]

Pro-Russian hackers spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine and its allies

As Ukrainians flocked to Poland earlier this year to flee from Russian invaders, a Kremlin-aligned hacking group sought to spread rumors that criminal gangs were waiting to harvest the organs of child refugees. Known to cybersecurity experts as Ghostwriter, the network apparently aimed to create distrust between Ukraine and Poland. This is one of several […]