There Are Smokers. Then A Stroke Overcame Their Addiction.

Scanning an injured brain usually maps out the irreversible loss and reveals points where the damage has caused memory difficulties or tremors. But in rare cases, these scans can reveal the opposite: Drawings of brain regions where an injury miraculously relieved someone’s symptoms offer clues as to how doctors can achieve the same. A research […]

California bill will allow parents to sue over social media addiction

SACRAMENTO, California — California may soon hold social media companies liable for harming children who become addicted to their products, and allow parents to sue platforms like Instagram and TikTok for up to $25,000 per violation, under a bill that passed the state Assembly Monday. In the bill, “addiction” is defined as children under the […]

China limits children’s online play to 3 hours per week due to addiction

Chinese It prohibits children from playing online games Monday through Thursday and will only allow them to play for three hours each week due to addiction concerns. ChineseNational Press and Broadcasting Administration. The new restrictions on video game play by children will come into effect on Wednesday, September 1, and will force companies to limit […]