Disney+ Adds 7.9M Subscribers in Last Quarter

The company announced on Wednesday that Disney+ added 7.9 million subscribers in the last quarter, reaching a total of 138 million subscribers worldwide. flow slowdown This recently drove Netflix’s stock price down. Like most media companies, Disney’s stock Netflix’s announcement announced last month that it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of the […]

Google adds ways to keep personal information private in searches

Google has expanded the options to keep personal information private from online searches. The company said Friday it will allow people to request that more content such as phone numbers, personal contact information such as email and physical addresses be removed from search results. The new policy also allows removal of other information that could […]

Instagram adds fundraising to Reels to help nonprofits

NEW YORK — Social media giant Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook, celebrates Earth Day by expanding its fundraising tools and making them more accessible to 1.5 million nonprofits, including nonprofits, on Facebook and Instagram platforms. He plans to celebrate. tackling climate change. Starting Tuesday, Instagram users can turn short videos into fundraisers by […]

Military Note Adds to Possible Interstellar Meteor Mystery

While many, including two Harvard astronomers, have interpreted Space Command’s statement to NASA as confirmation that the meteor is interstellar, some astronomers believe more data is needed to support the claim. They say current measurements lack error bars that show how precise or uncertain they are. “The sentence is not enough. Scientific results are published, […]

Amazon Adds Fuel and Inflation Surcharges for Sellers

Faced with rising costs, Amazon said on Wednesday it is adding an initial “fuel and inflation surcharge” to the fees it charges from sellers where it stores inventory and delivers it to customers. announcement on its website. The surcharge, which averages 5 percent of current fulfillment fees, will take effect on April 28. In an […]

Netflix adds a ‘Double Thumbs Up’ option

Now you can super like this Netflix Show that you’re begging for more. The streaming service allows users to show a more intense appreciation for their favorite offers (and Netflixof course, more insights and – eventually – valuable data about their customers). “Over time we’ve learned that these feelings can go beyond a simple like […]

CEO says Twitter adds Elon Musk to board

Twitter adds Tesla CEO Elon Musk to its board of directors, putting the social media platform’s eccentric critic and user in a leadership position to influence business decisions at the company. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced on Tuesday that the inclusion of Mr. Musk on the board comes after weeks of discussions with the electric […]

Conflict at Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant Adds Radioactive Hazards to Russia

This plant produces about half as much power as Zaporizhzhia and is located further west in the city of Yuzhnoukrainisk. Mr Kotin said Russian troops were about 20 miles from the facility in Southern Ukraine, but were already fighting Ukrainian forces on the way there. Mr. Kotin says that the purpose of the Russian military […]

‘Heresy’ Law Adds Horseshoe Crabs to Arachnid Family Tree

Horseshoe crabs are small armored vehicles. bright blue blood. They’ve been rolling on the ocean floor for hundreds of millions of years. Other powerful creatures have come and gone in all this time: dinosaurs, mammoths, terror birds, Neanderthals. The humble horseshoe crab lived on nowadays, looking not much different from its ancestors in the Mesozoic […]

Spotify adds advice to podcasts discussing COVID-19

NEW YORK – After the protests Spotify The music streaming service, launched by Neil Young amid the spread of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, said it will add content recommendations before podcasts discussing the virus. In an article published on Sunday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has set more transparent platform rules, given the mixed reactions from Young, […]