Dawn of Internet’s Computer Scientist David Walden has died at the age of 79.

Mr. Walden eventually enrolled at San Francisco State College (now University) and earned his BA in mathematics in 1964. His interest in computing grew in a numerical analysis course that included working on an IBM computer. After college, he began working as a computer programmer in the Department of Space Communications at Massachusetts Institute of […]

Exploring the Health Effects of Age Discrimination

The cut on his leg proved superficial, albeit bloody. But when her grandmother suggested to the owner of the grocery store not to leave the crates, she said that old people always fall and maybe they shouldn’t be walking around. Dr. “The message stayed with him and it influenced his behavior,” Levy said. His grandmother, […]

A ‘New Age of Air Pollution’ in the Tropics Could Take a Huge Toll

In many cities, the concentrations of some pollutants decreased while others increased. However, Jakarta, Indonesia was the only country to see a statistically significant improvement in overall air quality as a result of government policies. The improvement is relative as Jakarta still has a serious air pollution problem, but the trends there have pointed to […]

Does Social Media Make Young People Unhappy? It May Depend On Their Age.

Still, research looking for a direct relationship between social media and well-being didn’t find much. “There are definitely hundreds of studies, almost all of which have shown rather small effects,” said behavioral psychologist Jeff Hancock, who led a meta-analysis of 226 such studies at Stanford University. Not involved in the study, Dr. Hancock said what’s […]

Does This Amazonian Rock Art Depict Extinct Ice Age Mammals?

At the end of the last ice age, South America was home to strange animals that have since disappeared: giant ground sloths, elephant-like herbivores, and an ancient horse lineage. A new study shows we can spot these lost creatures in fascinating ocher-colored paintings made by ice age humans on a rocky ledge in the Colombian […]

Former BBC Television Director Jana Bennett has died at the age of 66.

As a teacher with a PhD, Mr. Bennett has often moved the family. Jana and her four sisters spent time in Kansas, Minnesota and New Hampshire before the family moved to England and settled in East Sussex when Jana was 13. Oxford University’s St. Anne’s College and graduated in philosophy, politics and economics in 1977. […]

FDA Clears Pfizer’s Covid Pill for High-Risk Patients Age 12 and Over

Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday official It is the first Covid-19 pill to offer a highly effective defense against serious illness that will emerge as the country endures another wave of great pandemics. Developed by Pfizer and known as Paxlovid, the drug is authorized for Covid patients aged 12 years and older who are […]

No More Anonymity? Age Checks Are Coming to the Web.

Richard Errington clicked last month to post a sci-fi movie from his home in England, where YouTube made a postcard of him. The site said that Mr. Errington, over 50, had to prove that he was old enough to watch the 1974 movie “Space Is the Place” starring jazz musician Sun Ra. It had three […]

Paula J. Clayton died at the age of 86; Helped Destigmatize Depression and

It also showed that while bereavement and bereavement can trigger major depression, periods of bereavement, even those that last a year, are not depressive episodes in themselves. And it showed that grief is personal and idiosyncratic rather than moving along a properly defined five-step process—an insight that changed the way doctors and the public understand […]

Ancient Footprints Show Humans Arrived in the Americas During the Ice Age

The ancient human footprints preserved at the site across from New Mexico’s White Sands National Park are surprisingly old. scientists have reported On Thursday, it dates back to the Ice Age, about 23,000 years ago. The results, if they continued to study, would revive the scientific debate about how humans first spread to the Americas, […]