Solar industry faces a dreary summer, projects put on hold due to allegations

The solar industry has raised the alarm that a Commerce Department investigation into whether China’s US tariffs on components used to manufacture solar panels are funneling parts through other countries could seriously endanger clean energy projects across the country. According to the American Clean Power Association, 80% of imported solar panels are made in four […]

Congo Overthrows Mine Leader Amid Cloud of Corruption Allegations

The head of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s state mining company was sacked on Friday after long-standing allegations that billions of dollars in revenue were lost. Albert Yuma Mulimbi, who has been president of the company since 2010, was replaced by Congo President Felix Tshisekedi a few days after The New York Times. published […]

How Did This Doctor Hold On After Years Of Sexual Abuse Allegations?

All Tanisha Johnson wanted was for the pain to go away. Doctors offered little hope for his persistent migraines. But Ricardo Cruciani, who had a reputation as a brilliant pain physician at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, was friendly and charming and prescribed strong opioids, Ms Johnson said in an interview. “Finally, a […]

Amazon will investigate allegations of gender bias in its cloud division.

Amazon has hired an outside law firm to investigate allegations of widespread gender discrimination in part of its cloud computing division, in an email it sent to employees last week. The investigation came in response to a petition filed by a group of employees in the Professional Services group of Amazon Web Services, an organization […]

Feds detail China’s cyberattack allegations against American pipelines

Biden management Amid an ongoing effort to uncover the scope of what the United States and its allies are saying, new details have emerged of Chinese cyberattacks on American critical infrastructure that began nearly a decade ago. ChinaMalicious cyber actions against US and other foreign targets. China-backed attackers targeted US oil and gas companies from […]