Biden to announce 3D printing initiative to strengthen US supply chain

President Biden will announce on Friday a new initiative to boost 3D printing technology that will make US companies less dependent on the global supply chain and increase investment in small and medium businesses. The startup, called Additive Manufacturing Forward, will pair major manufacturers with US-based sourcing companies to use 3D printing technology to produce […]

Biden to announce Siemens investment, planned factory jobs

Minister Joe Biden pushing for more US factory jobs – and he isThe CEO of the tech company will join on Friday Siemens USA Announcing a $54 million investment to manufacture equipment for electrical infrastructure. The investment will lead to 300 additional jobs in locations that include California and Texas, according to senior Biden administration […]

Joe Biden to announce Siemens expansion, raise ‘Purchase’ standards

President Biden will host the president of Siemens USA at the White House on Friday, announcing that the company’s $54 million manufacturing facilities will create 300 new jobs in California and Texas. The President will also announce updates to the American Purchasing Code, which sets out requirements for determining whether products bear the “Made in […]

UNCF, Boys and Girls Clubs announce programs to move students into STEM

The Greater Washington Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs and UNCF (United Negro College Fund) have announced separate plans to provide opportunities for underserved youth to learn and develop skills in STEM fields. Starting next year, the Boys and Girls Clubs will join the Anyone Can Code project, which will allow teens to create apps for Apple […]

Scientists Announce Long-time Misuse of Romani’s DNA

For decades, geneticists have collected blood from thousands of Roma, a marginalized group living in Europe, and have placed their DNA into public databases. The apparent purpose of some of these studies was to learn more about the history and genetics of the Romani people. Now, a group of scientists has argued that this research, […]

Biden and the Democrats will announce progress on a framework.

President Biden will go to the Capitol on Thursday to announce progress on a social safety net and a “framework” deal for climate change legislation that will likely increase support for childcare and early childhood education and shift the economy away from fossil fuels. Details on the exact shape of the package were still unclear, […]

WHO to Announce New Team to Examine Origins of Coronavirus

The new committee, known as the Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of New Pathogens, will differ in several respects from the team that WHO sent to China. Since this team visited Wuhan, China has had a significant impact on its membership. Dr. That’s not the case for the new committee, a permanent panel that […]

White House to Announce Limits of HFCs

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration has finalized a rule that phases out the use of a powerful planet-warming chemical used in air conditioners and refrigerators, in its latest effort to put climate change at the center of its agenda ahead of a pivotal United Nations summit. According to a regulation expected to be released Thursday […]

Democrats Announce Details of Expanding Climate Change Spending Plan

Mr. Manchin’s spokesman, Sam Runyon, did not respond to an email asking for comment. However, several Congressional Democrat employees working on power plant language say they were in close and frequent contact with Mr Manchin’s staff when drafting the bill. More than one person described the Senator’s current stance on language as “no it’s not”. […]