Alabama’s ’19. Ancient Dark Zone Art Treasure in the Cave of the Nameless

The cave curves for two miles beneath northern Alabama, with gorges that turn into mysterious dark zones, sediment deposits, a waterfall, and deep pools. Ancient footprints are buried in its furthest gorge. The names of Union soldiers from the Civil War are scribbled on a wall. Bending over the ceiling because the ceiling was too […]

Can Art Help Save the Insect World?

This article is part of our latest article Special section on museumsfocusing on new artists, new audiences, and new ways of thinking about exhibitions. For most people, insects are annoying – sometimes scary. They are creatures that will be shot in the arm, trampled on, or destroyed with excessive pesticides. But Levon Biss, a macrophotographer […]

How Should Art Calculate Climate Change?

Clearly environmental art – studies that address anthropogenic threats to local and global ecologies – was published in 1962 by Rachel Carson “Silent Spring”, the famous disclosure of chemical pesticides that has made pollution an urgent national cause. Images of burning rivers, oil spills, and animal losses prompted 20 million Americans, one-tenth of the then […]

Does This Amazonian Rock Art Depict Extinct Ice Age Mammals?

At the end of the last ice age, South America was home to strange animals that have since disappeared: giant ground sloths, elephant-like herbivores, and an ancient horse lineage. A new study shows we can spot these lost creatures in fascinating ocher-colored paintings made by ice age humans on a rocky ledge in the Colombian […]

What does neuroscience-inspired art look like?

The idea for the exhibition had been around for a while, but in the summer of 2020 a call from the Cambridge Arts Council for projects addressing racial and social injustice compelled him to take action. He connected with a local poet, which he now manages 21 participants: scholars (including Daniel Chonde ’07, Huili Chen, […]

Art Cooley, Founder of the Environmental Defense Fund, dies at 87

As a result of a lawsuit filed by the fund in Michigan, nearly every city stopped using DDT, and the application of another pesticide, dieldrin, to combat Japanese beetles in western Michigan was delayed for a year. A lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee resulted in the city ending its use of DDT to combat […]

The art of bonsai according to an engineer

Julian Adams clearly remembers seeing a bonsai for the first time. Wandering through a botanical garden as a young man, he stumbled upon a room filled with tiny old trees among orchids, cacti, and acres of vegetables. Adams says he’s always respected the old stuff. Something about bonsai struck a deep chord for him. “They […]

What Will Art Look Like in Metaverse?

In the opening pages of Ben Lerner’s first novel, “Leaving Atocha Station” the narrator goes to the Prado museum in Madrid and observes a sobbing stranger in front of Rogier van der Weyden’s “Descent from the Cross,” a votive portrait attributed to Paolo da San Leocadio, and “The Garden of Earthly Pleasures” by Hieronymus Bosch. […]

New art in town

Students returning to campus this fall have found a new piece of public art in Kendall Square: two multicolored brick structures by Baltimore artists known as Jessie and Katey, just outside the Marriott Cambridge. Source link

Only Fans Can Be A Refuge For Nude Fine Art

OnlyFans has a surprising new member: the Vienna Tourist Board. No, your account will not include after-hours photos of employees. Instead, the board will use the adults-only site to show images of paintings and sculptures on display in the Austrian capital that have been blocked by social media sites for nudity or sexual content. Disturbing […]