How Climate Change Fits into Australian Elections

What is the current government’s stance on climate? It did little to suggest that it recognizes climate change as a clear and immediate danger that needs a major change in policy. Last year, just before the international climate talks in Glasgow, it reluctantly agreed to a net zero target by 2050, which meant it would […]

Australian Minister Wins Defamation Case Over Tweet

The outcome of the case was not unheard of in a country. as everyone knows strict defamation lawsMichael Douglas, a senior lecturer in private law at the University of Western Australia, said it was unusual for the accused not to be another politician or a high-profile journalist. ‚ÄúThis is consistent with the theme that the […]

Garbage Parrots Invent New Skill in Australian Suburbs

You’ve probably heard of trash pandas: raccoons looting trash. How about litter parrots? What might seem exotic to Americans and Europeans, sulfur-crested cockatoos are ubiquitous in Sydney’s suburban areas. They’ve adapted to the human environment and are known to be smart at manipulating objects, so it’s not entirely surprising that they go after a rich […]