Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Experiences 6th Mass Bleaching Event

SYDNEY, Australia – A large section of the Great Barrier Reef has been hit by a sixth mass bleaching event, a worrying milestone for the coral wonder that points to the continuing threat of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, the marine park’s official said on Friday. . . Government scientists, who used helicopters and […]

Australia’s Clever Birds Didn’t Accept This Science Experiment

The Australian magpie is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. It has a beautiful song of extraordinary complexity. It can recognize and remember up to 30 different human faces. But Australians know magpies best for their mischievous tendencies. An enduring rite of passage of an Australian childhood is to flee each spring […]

Fossils of a Prehistoric Rainforest Hiding in Australia’s Rusty Rocks

Grass and undersized trees dominate the Central Tablelands, hundreds of kilometers northwest of Sydney, Australia today. But scientists have recently discovered that some of the region’s rusty rocks hide traces of the lush rainforest that covered the area during the Miocene Period, 15 million years ago. The McGraths Flat site isn’t Australia’s only Miocene deposit, […]

What Did Australia’s Leader Scott Morrison Achieve at COP26?

Australia, a major fossil fuel producer that has long been criticized for keeping up with climate change, has done little to change that perception this week. also Glasgow climate summitPrime Minister Scott Morrison did not participate in an international effort. reduce global methane emissions By 2030, 30 percent is a commitment shared by more than […]

Searching for Australia’s Climate Tipping Point

Australian Letter The weekly newsletter of our Australian office. Become a member to receive by e-mail. One of the first stories I wrote when I went to Australia focused on climate change and climate change. damaging effect on the Great Barrier Reef. Four years later, the consequences of a warming planet have become more visible […]

The Future Is Knocking on Australia’s Door

Australian Letter The weekly newsletter of our Australian office. This week’s issue was written by the following author: Damien’s Cave, Australian bureau chief. When I sit down to write My article on Australia’s bifurcated approach to inclusion of the Delta I knew there would be volatile, never-ending scenes and insightful conversations. I’ve spoken to dozens […]