California bill will allow parents to sue over social media addiction

SACRAMENTO, California — California may soon hold social media companies liable for harming children who become addicted to their products, and allow parents to sue platforms like Instagram and TikTok for up to $25,000 per violation, under a bill that passed the state Assembly Monday. In the bill, “addiction” is defined as children under the […]

Bipartisan bill targets near total control of online advertising

Congressional lawmakers have proposed legislation to break Google and Facebook’s monopoly on digital advertising, accusing the tech giants of taking advantage of their market dominance. Both the House and Senate have enacted the “Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act,” which advocates say will restore and protect fair competition in the digital ad markets dominated […]

You s. Rubio, Feinstein introduced the bill to create the Space National Guard

You s. Marco Rubio and Dianne Feinstein may not agree on much, but they’ve come together for an additional part-time call to America’s newest military power. Lawmakers introduced a bill Wednesday that would create a Space National Guard that would enter the Space Force command structure. It would shift all Air National Guard members currently […]

Praise the dollar bill

“We don’t have any cash” is written on the glittering glass door of the cafe I frequent. The sign precedes the glossy list of covid-19 measures taped to its side, but together they offer a unified statement of contactless efficiency – the promise to experience public space, social interaction and consumer shopping with the utmost […]

How War Affects Your Grocery Bill

The Daily tries to come up with a new idea in each episode. Below, we share additional reports from The New York Times’ Brazilian bureau chief, Jack Nicas, on some of the ideas in the article. tuesday show. Before the war started, everything was already chaotic. In the last few years, combined shocks coronavirus and […]

China competition bill to advance to final negotiations

this Senate By advancing a long-delayed bill to encourage the US production of microprocessor chips to better compete with China, it is poised to push the law forward and embark on a tough round of negotiations with China. House. President Biden has pressured Congress to quickly pass comprehensive legislation, but there are key differences between […]

Parliament Passes Bill Adding Billions to Research to Compete With China

WASHINGTON — The House on Friday passed a law that would pour nearly $300 billion into scientific research and development and support domestic production, sparking a dispute with the Senate on how best to invest in scientific innovation to strengthen American competitiveness and counter China. The 222-210 vote on the 2,900-page bill that sprung up […]

House to vote on bill to increase US computer chip production

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats are set to pass legislation on Friday, in which they say positions the United States can compete with better. Chinese on the economic and global stage by strengthening the local semiconductor industry, supporting strained supply chains and fostering international alliances. criticize Chinese It has become a bipartisan playbook in Washington, […]

Bill hits Apple, Google deletes key over dominance of app stores

A bill to blunt the alleged monopoly power of Apple and Google gets overwhelming Senate approval Judicial Committee On Thursday, the pressure for companies’ app stores is moving towards a final assessment by the entire chamber. The Open App Markets Act, which will set rules for Apple and Google’s app stores, passed the committee with […]

Antitrust panel reviews bill to give news publishers more deliberation

A Senate antitrust panel has reviewed a bipartisan proposal aimed at giving news publishers more leverage to negotiate with major tech platforms. Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who leads the antitrust panel, co-sponsored the Journalism Competition and Protection Act to help news organizations be pressed by Big Tech. Co-sponsored by four Republicans and four […]