Israel Blocks Sales of Pegasus Spyware to Ukraine and Estonia

The Israeli government has long viewed Pegasus as a critical tool for its foreign policy. New York Times Magazine article This year revealed how, for more than a decade, Israel has made strategic decisions about which countries it allows Pegasus to obtain licenses from and from which countries it will detain them. The Israeli government […]

Amazon Web Services Blocks New Registrations from Russia and Belarus

Amazon has quietly stopped customers in Russia and Belarus from opening new cloud computing accounts. According to an internal communication viewed by The New York Times, the policy change for Amazon Web Services began over the weekend, but Not made public until Tuesday. “Given the current events in Russia and the uncertainty and lack of […]

Russia Blocks Facebook as Kremlin Moves to Suffocate Opposition

Facebook on Friday became the first American tech giant to be blocked by the Russian government as part of the Kremlin’s expanding campaign to tighten control of the internet and limit areas of opposition about the war in Ukraine. The move could herald further restrictions on other tech companies like Google, which owns YouTube and […]

Biden administration blocks senator in FBI’s 2016 investigation

Republican Sen. Charles E. Grassley Biden from Iowa said his administration refused to respond her questions about FBIThe conservative group’s 2016 goal worried women For America, which has raised concerns of political bias in the ranks of the Bureau. “ FBIAn activity to scrutinize their questions about ‘Congress’ inability to fully answer’ worried women Absolutely […]

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Vaccination Mandate for Major Employers

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court on Thursday Biden’s administration blocked With coronavirus cases from the Omicron variant rising, a blow to a key element of the White House’s plan to address the pandemic is from forcing a vaccine or testing authorization for major employers. But court in a modest victory for President Biden more limited authority […]

Russia Blocks UN Movement to Consider Climate a Security Threat

Russia on Monday blocked a draft resolution by the United Nations Security Council that had been negotiated for months for the first time, which would describe climate change as a threat to peace. The widely supported resolution would significantly expand the criteria the most powerful UN agency used to justify it. To intervene in armed […]

Court Blocks A Major Alaska Drilling Project By Clarifying Climate Hazards

WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Alaska on Wednesday blocked construction permits for a large oil drilling project on the state’s North Slope designed to produce more than 100,000 barrels of oil per day over the next 30 years. The billion-dollar plan, known as Willow by oil giant ConocoPhillips, was approved by the Trump administration […]

Facebook blocks ‘revolution’ hashtag over Independence Day weekend

Facebook It was set on fire on Sunday for blocking the hashtag “revolution” on July 4, a federal holiday that celebrates the passage of the Declaration of Independence during the American Revolution. Sharp-eyed social media experts have noticed as of Friday: Facebook Searches for “#revolution” were met with the notification “We Keep Our Community Safe” […]

Judge blocks Florida’s social media law that punishes political bans

A federal judge has blocked the implementation of a new Florida law that imposes financial penalties on tech platforms that ban nominations statewide. US District Judge Robert L. Hinkle on Wednesday issued an injunction preventing the law from going into effect on Thursday. The law allows the Florida Election Commission to fine social media platforms […]

Judge Blocks Florida Law Regulating Social Media Companies

A judge on Wednesday blocked the first Florida law in the country to ban social media companies from blocking political candidates. Judge Robert L. Hinkle of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida, by issuing an injunction, prevented “application of parts of the legislation that predestined or violated the First Amendment” […]