Facebook blocks ‘revolution’ hashtag over Independence Day weekend


Facebook It was set on fire on Sunday for blocking the hashtag “revolution” on July 4, a federal holiday that celebrates the passage of the Declaration of Independence during the American Revolution.

Sharp-eyed social media experts have noticed as of Friday: Facebook Searches for “#revolution” were met with the notification “We Keep Our Community Safe” with a locked page view and the message “Posts containing Revolution are temporarily hidden here”.

“Some content in these posts goes against our Community Standards,” the message said with a link to the Standards page.

Facebook It bans a range of content that violates community standards under categories such as “Violence & Encouragement”, “Sexual Incentive” and “False News,” but the tech platform hasn’t explained online why “#revolution” was cancelled.

The bloc was still in effect on Sunday, prompting a lot of comments from critics about the decision to ban the hashtag over a weekend dedicated to commemorating the American Revolution.

“Welcome to America’s re-education on Independence Day weekend,” Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie tweeted.

“#BigTech is back in business and forbids Americans to commemorate our independence from a cruel government,” North Carolina Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn tweeted.

“They don’t want to teach because history repeats itself,” Mr. Cawthorn said. “Wake up, America.”

The Washington Times reached out Facebook for comment.

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