He Spurred a Revolution in Psychiatry. Then He ‘Disappeared.’

On the second day of the annual convention of the American Psychiatric Association in 1972, something extraordinary happened. While the assembled psychiatrists, mostly white men in dark suits, settled into rows of chairs in the Danish Room at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, a disguised figure had been smuggled through the back corridors. At the […]

It’s okay to give up on the crypto revolution

Larger players have also failed to crack the peer-to-peer crypto. PayPal and Venmo (owned by PayPal) claim to have supported crypto since early 2021. But a closer look at their services, platforms allow US customers to buy, sell or trade crypto—invest, basically—can’t pay for purchases or send crypto to other users. If “the future of […]

Music’s Complex Digital Revolution – The New York Times

Streaming has freed the music industry from the jaws of the internet. But the complex picture of the last 20 years shows that surviving an online revolution is not the only hard part. After that it may be even more difficult. Music was one of the first industries to feel the sonic boom of the […]

Gene Synthesis Revolution

Researchers can now design and mass-produce genetic material, a technique that helps create mRNA vaccines. What can it give us next? Source link

Helping Fuel a Green Revolution

This article is part of a special report Climate Solutionslooks to worldwide efforts to make a difference. The 75-year-old living in Bibba Thompson and her environs in a local government housing community in northern England is unlike any revolutionary. But they’re happily participating in a home energy trial billed by organizers as part of a […]

Securing the energy revolution and the future of IoT

In early 2021, East Coast Americans received a sharp lesson in the growing importance of cybersecurity in the energy industry. A ransomware attack hit the company that operates the Colonial Pipeline, the main infrastructure artery that carries nearly half of all liquid fuels from the Gulf Coast to the eastern United States. Knowing that at […]

Tackling a Pandemic as Launching Africa’s Healthcare Revolution

Dr. When John Nkengasong took over as the first head of Africa’s new Centers for Disease Control in 2017, parts of the continent had just emerged from a war. devastating Ebola epidemic. Less than three years later, Covid-19 struck. Dr. Nkengasong is now working to bring together the governments of a large and diverse continent […]

Facebook blocks ‘revolution’ hashtag over Independence Day weekend

Facebook It was set on fire on Sunday for blocking the hashtag “revolution” on July 4, a federal holiday that celebrates the passage of the Declaration of Independence during the American Revolution. Sharp-eyed social media experts have noticed as of Friday: Facebook Searches for “#revolution” were met with the notification “We Keep Our Community Safe” […]