Loss of Russian nickel threatens to deal another blow to Biden

President Biden’s clean energy agenda is moving fast towards another hurdle – reducing nickel imports – RussiaInvasion of Ukraine and harsh sanctions on Moscow. The latest downturn on the clean energy front has been in electric vehicles due to the anticipated shortage of nickel, which is used to make batteries for electric cars. Russia It […]

Another blow to China Initiative, prosecutors move to impeach

A year later, Chen was arrested on suspicion of federal grant fraud and was publicly charged with disloyalty to the United States—a charge typically brought in espionage cases, not fraud, as Chen’s defense team noted in their report. attempt To impose formal sanctions on the US Attorney’s Office for disclosure. Chen was ultimately charged three […]

In another blow to Didi, China stopped downloading another 25 apps.

In its latest criticism of ride-hailing giant Didi, China ordered the removal of 25 more of the company’s apps from mobile stores on Friday, deepening the regulatory vortex that has engulfed the company since then. Go public on the New York Stock Exchange last week. The country’s internet regulator said in a statement. 22:00 announcement […]