That’s it, Folks: A Serious Joke Book About Climate Change

SAVE PEOPLE!Stopping Human Extinctionby Stacy McAnultyIllustrated by Nicole Miles Some say the world will end in fire. Some say on ice. Others bet on nuclear war or a supervolcano. There are even those who entertain the idea of ​​an alien invasion. Or Stacy McAnulty’s “Save the People!” I took a carefree look at the global […]

Get Our Free Easter Book List + Download Events!

Easter is such a fun time to create, play and connect with your kids – whether it’s spending some extra time in the sunshine or making fun little crafts at home. Adding the story of Easter to your events makes this time even more special, and today we’re sharing with you a list of our […]

FBI Arrests Person Accused of Stealing Unpublished Book Manuscripts

They were confusing thefts for no obvious reason or payoff, and they took place out of politeness, not particularly in the lucrative publishing world. stealing unpublished book manuscripts. The thefts and theft attempts were made primarily by email, by a scammer impersonating publishing professionals and targeting authors, editors, agents, and literary researchers who might have […]

How Elizabeth Holmes’ Defense Follows a Common Bedside Book

Elizabeth Holmes made the arguments long awaited by lawyers, as she defended herself in court. Ms. Holmes, the founder of the failed blood test venture Theranos, tried to blame other Theranos employees with more technical skills. He tried to poke holes in prosecutors’ arguments that he lied about working with drug companies. Lawyers said she […]

Alvy Ray Smith book review: We’re drowning in digital light

Inside Pixel’s Biography, Smith’s intent is to make clear the trajectory of two important, intertwined stories. The first story is the evolution of computer images from inception to digital ubiquity. There are many names, places, and inventions missing from the record, Smith explained, and he undertook to re-add them for precision, from an engineer’s point […]

Classic Library Book List for Preschoolers and Young Children

Reading to our children is one of the best ways to develop their brains. But when there are hundreds of books in the bookstore and library, how do you know which ones are worth your time? We are excited to present thematic book lists after many requests! Each library book list for preschoolers and toddlers […]

‘The Spiral: From the Saw Book’ 4K Ultra HD movie review

Acclaimed “Saw” sequel director Darren Lynn Bousman has taken on the tremendous task of trying to continue the beloved franchise this year in the startling ninth installment of the series, which presents a mysterious thriller mixed with some familiar human mutilations. Critics were not impressed, but the debut of UHD is letting home theater fans […]