SpaceX brings 4 astronauts home in midnight leap

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — SpaceX brought four astronauts home with a midnight splash in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, closing the busiest month ever for Elon Musk’s taxi service. Three U.S. astronauts and a German in the capsule were bobbing off the coast of Florida near Tampa less than 24 hours after leaving […]

Musk Brings New Investors to Contribute $7 Billion to Twitter Deal

Elon Musk has brought in more than a dozen new investors to fund the $44 billion Twitter acquisition, including billionaire Larry Ellison and venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. Securities documents submitted Thursday morning. Investors will jointly contribute $7 billion to fund Twitter’s acquisition, with the rest coming from Mr. Musk’s own pocket or loans. Mr […]

Biden Brings Climate Back to Environmental Act, Turns Trump Over

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that it is restoring parts of a core environmental law that once again requires consideration of climate impacts and input from local communities before federal agencies approve highways, pipelines and other major projects. The administration has reintroduced the requirements of the 50-year-old National Environmental Policy Act, which […]

Biden Brings Climate Back to Symbolize Environmental Act by Reversing Trump

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration will announce on Tuesday that it is once again restoring parts of a core environmental law that requires climate impacts to be considered and required input from local communities before federal agencies approve highways, pipelines, and other major projects. The administration plans to revive the requirements of the 50-year-old National […]

Hydroponic vertical farming brings fresh produce to non-arable regions

The Smart Acres farm consists of eight shipping containers equipped with modules that use internet of things technology to monitor for humidity, temperature, and the nutrients inside the plants. It’s all in the name of creating an environment that’s optimized for plant growth and high nutritional value. “When we come in, we have air showers […]

Instagram brings new parental controls

Social media giant Instagram is creating new tools to help parents monitor how their kids use the photo-sharing app. The tools allow parents to see how much time kids spend on Instagram and set time limits. They can also see who their children are following and who is following them on the site. Instagram President […]

‘No Code’ Brings the Power of AI to the Masses

An increasing number of new products allow anyone to implement artificial intelligence without having to write a line of computer code. Proponents believe that the “no code” movement will change the world. Source link

India’s Rising Omicron Wave Brings A Brutal Sense of Déjà Vu

NEW DELHI — When the Omicron coronavirus variant spread to India in late December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the nation to stay vigilant and follow medical guidelines. Arvind Kejriwal, the prime minister of Delhi’s capital district, quickly imposed nighttime curfews, closed movie theaters and cut restaurants and public transport in half. Subsequently, both men […]

This puzzle challenge brings joy to the code world

Until midnight on December 1, 2015, when Eric Wastl first launched a puzzle programming contest on the annual Santa-themed day. Arrival of Code, 81 people had registered. This pretty much matched the capacity planning for 70 participants. Wastl thought that the fun might interest a few friends, their friends’ friends, and perhaps some of their […]

NYC’s Gas Ban Brings the Fight Against Climate Change to the Kitchen

Con Ed works with supporters like the Urban Green Council, a nonprofit group promotes sustainable buildingHe argued in council sessions that the city grid could cope with the increase, in part because the biggest stress comes from air conditioning during the summer months. Group analysts argued that the switch to electric heating actually has the […]