Republicans pressure Biden over China deal for British chip factory

A special congressional task force aimed at countering threats from China is urging the Biden administration to block a proposal to sell Britain’s largest microchip factory to a Chinese company. A company that US lawmakers say has close ties to the ruling Communist Party in Beijing. The Republic-led China Task Force warned in a letter […]

British Rainfall Records Extended to 1836 Thanks to Covid

Britain’s official rainfall records date back to the year before Queen Victoria ascended the throne, thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers who were confined to their homes during Covid. Ed Hawkins, a climate scientist at the University of Reading in England, call for help More than 65,000 handwritten monthly rainfall diaries spanning three […]

After the Flood, British Columbia Collects Parts

Collapsed roads and collapsing bridges are just a few of the devastations affecting the residents of the western state and may point to what climate change will bring in the future. 29 November 2021 PRINCETON, British Columbia – With a light drizzle in the air, a young woman wipes her tears as she stands on […]

British Court Rejects Recent Efforts to Save Separatist Geronimo

Geronimo’s owner – a fat, soft, extremely divisive 8-year-old alpaca – lost on Wednesday a last-ditch legal effort to save him from execution. A British Supreme Court rejected Helen Macdonald’s attempt to stop the order to kill Geronimo. agriculture officials believe it is bovine tuberculosis. Convinced that the government’s diagnosis was the result of a […]

Heat Wave Spreads Fire That Wiped Lytton, British Columbia

TORONTO – Something strange was happening to the acacia trees in Lytton, British Columbia. The small town in western Canada saw three days of extreme heat, each breaking national temperature records by June 30th, rising to 121 degrees. That morning at the Lytton Museum of Chinese History, Lorna Fandrich noticed the green leaves falling from […]

British allow Julian Assange’s extradition request from the USA

The UK Supreme Court allowed the case Biden management Appealing a January decision by a lower court blocking US efforts to extradite WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. His appeal was upheld by the UK’s Supreme Court, the judiciary’s office upheld on Wednesday, paving the way for the US to file another lawsuit to get custody of […]