British allow Julian Assange’s extradition request from the USA


The UK Supreme Court allowed the case Biden management Appealing a January decision by a lower court blocking US efforts to extradite WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.

His appeal was upheld by the UK’s Supreme Court, the judiciary’s office upheld on Wednesday, paving the way for the US to file another lawsuit to get custody of Mr. Assange, 50.

Verbal arguments are expected to be programmed at some point, stella morisMr Assange’s fiancee told reporters gathered outside the London courthouse. Future court dates have yet to be announced.

Mr. AssangeAn Australian faces multiple federal charges, including several violations of the Espionage Act in the US. her Role in managing secret leaker website WikiLeaks he is It started in 2006.

In particular, prosecutors allege that WikiLeaks illegally requested, received, and subsequently published classified documents containing sensitive details about US military and diplomatic operations around the world.

Obama administration Mr. Assange Following revelations that began in 2010, the Justice Department reversed course after former President Trump took office in 2017.

Mr. Assange He was eventually indicted by the Ministry of Justice in 2019 and has been imprisoned in London since awaiting the outcome of the extradition proceedings, which were extended with the approval of the appeal.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser, who ruled six months before Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, rejected the US extradition request, saying it would be “oppressive” to send Bay. Assange to the USA

“The overall impression is of a man who is depressed and sometimes despairing, really afraid about him. her the future” he is Wrote him manage “Or all these reasons, Mr. Assange‘ If the extradition order were to be issued, the risk of committing suicide would be substantial.

But the Justice Department has challenged this decision in the final days of the Trump administration, and the government continues to pursue Mr. Assange At the White House with President Biden.

Lady. Moris, Mr. Assange‘s fiancee says the Supreme Court has ruled that it will give the US government “limited permission” to appeal the magistrate’s blocking order Julianrefund.

“This means that he is‘ still at risk of return, where he is He faces 175 years in prison and is certain to lose, according to the magistrate her life if he is‘ has been returned,’ said Mrs. Moris.

“The only way to end this purgatory, this endless torture that has continued for over a decade, is to let it go.” he is Additional. “ Biden management He must do the right thing and put an end to it.”

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