Here’s what Biden’s budget will and won’t do for climate change

On day 1 of his presidency, Joseph R. Biden Jr. brought the United States back into the global climate agreement. His administration has made bold promises to reduce emissions. He urged other countries to set their own ambitious climate targets. Since that time, politics and war stood before any meaningful climate law. Now the White […]

Easter Dresses for Every Budget!

February 23, 2022 To wear Nothing says “spring is here” like choosing a new Easter dress, bright colors and flowers, and a refreshing change from the sweaters we’ve collected over the past few months. Today, we wanted to share with you our favorite women’s Easter dresses at every price point – beautiful dresses and high-end […]

Composting on the Chopping Block in Mayor Adams’ Budget

Yet composters and supporters of the program — including former Council chairman Corey Johnson, who has called for a city-wide composting mandate — say it’s a Catch-22. Supporters say many residents want to compost, but the program isn’t available in either their area or their building. Owners of buildings with 10 or more apartments must […]

Biden and Democrats Push for Budget Deal This Week As Frictions Continue

WASHINGTON — President Biden and Democratic congressional leaders raced Monday to reach consensus on a domestic policy and climate package and pushed for a vote within days, even as critical disagreements persist over how to pay for health benefits, paid leave, environmental provisions and sprawl. plan. Negotiators were negotiating with centrist dissidents in their parties […]

Manchin Pushes For More Climate Cuts Than Budget Bill

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III has forced Democrats to drop or weaken a second major climate change provision from the sweeping social policy and environmental spending bill the White House hopes to complete this week, according to two people familiar with the matter. Manchin, a centrist Democrat from one of the country’s top coal […]

Democrats Consider Adding Carbon Tax to Budget Bill

Miss Cinema refused to comment on the ongoing negotiations, as she had done for weeks. When asked what revenue measures he would adopt, a senator said he believed he could agree with a tax on carbon emissions and a tax on goods from countries that did not cut their own greenhouse gases. The second tax, […]

How Democrats Can Shrink the $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill

WASHINGTON — As Democratic leaders seek to unite their factions behind an expanding domestic policy package, increasingly clear The $3.5 trillion in spending and tax increases will likely have to be cut by a lot before it gets to President Biden’s desk. This will involve difficult choices for a party torn by insecurity and competing […]

$3.5 trillion budget bill could transform US electricity sector

In the coming weeks, Congress may pass one of the most important climate policies in US history. The $3.5 trillion budget plan includes a provision known as the Clean Electricity Payment Program, which uses payments and penalties to encourage them to increase their share of carbon-free electricity in the total they sell each year. If […]

Senate Passes $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan By Expanding Safety Net

“You spend money like drunken sailors,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, the top Republican on the Budget Committee. “I think you are driving the collapse of America as we know it. You are activating a government that no one’s grandchild can afford to pay.” The proposed amendments, many of which were rejected along […]

Democrats Raise $3.5 Trillion to Fulfill Biden’s Broad Budget

WASHINGTON — President Biden and Congressional Democrats pledged to push for a deal Wednesday. $3.5 trillion budget plan massively expand social and environmental programs by expanding education and health care, taxing the wealthy, and tackling the warming of the planet. The legislation is far from transition, but top Democrats have decided to work to include […]