US-made EV batteries and California’s monkeypox emergency

News: US Senate Democrats passed a law last week This could significantly reduce the country’s carbon emissions. One of the key components of the bill is the extension of electric vehicle tax credits designed to aid the adoption of EVs by giving buyers $7,500 to purchase a qualifying new electric vehicle or $4,000 for used […]

Officials Say Climate Change Is Straining California’s Energy System

Extreme heat, severe wildfires and prolonged drought put California residents at increased risk of power outages, as climate-change-induced extreme weather puts additional stress on the state’s already taxed energy grid, officials said on Friday. Officials said in an online briefing that they are preparing for a scenario that will see California’s energy demand fall behind […]

Opinion | California’s Drought Is Worse Than We Thought

Outside my lab near Donner Pass in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, there are new animal tracks in the snow after hibernation, bird sounds in the air, and the creek rushes strong with water from the melting snow. Spring has come alarmingly early in the Sierra Nevada. Last week, I joined teams of other scientists from […]

Drought cuts off California’s hydroelectric power. here is what

usually hydroelectric comes under fire due to its environmental impact, because dams disrupt ecosystems. Actually, California right now doesn’t count large hydroelectric power plants in renewable energy targets. But regardless of how it is classified, hydropower is a low emission alternative to fossil fuels. During times of high stress on the grid, reduced hydropower reliability […]

Biden Restores California’s Power to Set Strict Exhaust Rules

“Automakers are committed to working collaboratively and constructively with California and other states to ensure vehicles are efficient, clean and affordable for everyone,” said John Bozzella, president of the Automotive Innovation Alliance. A dozen automakers, including Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, Toyota and Volvo. “Collaboration between governments at all levels will be essential to achieving our […]

Have Wildfires Ruined California’s Magic?

Billboards beckon us to Miami. Fantasy communes bloom in Maine. For those of us who are committed to it, our relationship mission is to make peace with the smoke. (I must say this exercise isn’t for everyone. A recent study found that one month of moderate to severe wildfire smoke — what much of California […]

These Two Rumors Are Going Viral Before California’s Recall Elections

Aspect California’s September 14 election whether it is on Recall Governor Gavin Newsom The closer we get, the more unfounded rumors about the event increase. Two widely circulated on the internet, how and why they spread, said they were wrong, state and local officials said. Rumor No. 1: Holes in ballot envelopes were used to […]

California’s Plan to Make New Buildings Greener Will Increase Costs, Too

But in other places, like San Bernardino, a much less affluent city east of Los Angeles, where a typical home sells for around $529,000, the cost of solar panels and batteries can be a greater burden for home buyers. “If we push it and do things that are modern and efficient and green, we tend […]

A Judge declared California’s Concert Worker Law unconstitutional. Now

Encouraged by a California election victory last year that protected their drivers’ independence, gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft have stepped up a crackdown on what they’re calling a “third way of work” in recent months to classify independent gig workers. limited benefits without gaining employee status. However, this plan is a Friday evening. […]

California’s Concert Worker Law Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

A California law protecting concert workers A California Supreme Court judge on Friday evening considered independent contractors to be unconstitutional and unenforceable while giving them some limited benefits. The decision isn’t likely to affect the new law immediately and is sure to face appeals from Uber and other so-called gig economy companies. reopened Discussion about […]