Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter in cash deal

elon musk offers to buy excitementonly days later tesla CEO said he is He would no longer join the board of the social media company. Twitter Inc. said in a regulatory filing on Thursday MuskThe company’s largest shareholder, who currently owns just over 9% of its shares, gave the company a letter Wednesday with an […]

Block Says Cash App Breach Affected 8 Million Users

Sensitive information for more than eight million users of Cash App Investing, a stock trading app run by Block, owner of the Square payment system, was exposed when a former employee downloaded company reports after he left the company. Block uncovered a data exposure. editor filing He said Monday and contacted affected customers. “Once it […]

Deception, exploited workers and free cash: how was Worldcoin recruited?

Finally, as we passed during our interview at the beginning of March, it was something Blania said that helped us begin to understand Worldcoin. “We’re going to let privacy experts repeatedly decouple our systems before we deploy them on a large scale,” he said, answering a question about the privacy backlash last fall. Blania has […]

Cash Aid to Poor Moms Improves Brain Function in Babies, Study

The question of whether cash assistance helps or harms children is central to social policy. Progressives argue that poor children need an income base, citing research showing that even short periods of childhood can lead to lower adult earnings and worse health. Conservatives say unconditional payments erode work and marriage and increase poverty in the […]

A Box of Cash, a Secret Donor, and a Big Lift for Some NYC Students

Back in face-to-face teaching this semester, Vinod Menon, a professor of physics at the City College of New York in Harlem, finally looked through a pile of office mail and found a cardboard box the size of a toaster. The box, heavy enough to warrant $90 in postage for US priority mail, was sent to […]

Tesla positioned to cash out Biden’s $7.5 billion donation

electric vehicle manufacturer tesla will change its business model and filling up The stations are open to cars from all manufacturers, not just their own cars, as Congress put the finishing touches on the infrastructure bill this fall. Platform neutrality is a key requirement of the infrastructure law, which allocates $7.5 billion to begin the […]

Legacy of Bed Cash Fires

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. Here is a collection past columns. This week I’ve been deep in thought. About beds and movie tickets. A fire sale by cash-burning mattress company Casper and the possible resurgence of cash-burning movie subscription service MoviePass got me thinking about changing consumer habits over the past […]