Catalan: Spain spy chief admits he hacked some phones legally

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — A prominent Catalan separatist politician said on Thursday that Spain’s top intelligence official acknowledged that “some” of the dozens of politicians whose agency has reportedly been targeted by spyware have hacked into their mobile phones, but that it has proper jurisdiction. said that. authority. Gabriel Rufián, a member of a Catalan […]

Nuclear chief: Russia’s takeover of Chernobyl risks accident

CHERNOBIL, Ukraine (AP) — Thirty-six years after the world’s worst nuclear disaster, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said on Tuesday that Russian troops’ seizure of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant as “very, very dangerous” risks causing an accident. Ukraine. The agency’s Director-General, Rafael Mariano Grossi, said that while radiation levels are normal, […]

WHO chief Becerra press Congress to pass global virus aid

As lawmakers prepare to bypass town without offering any funding to President Biden’s latest plan to fight the virus abroad, the head of the World Health Organization has urged Congress to continue its support for vaccine programs and other global health efforts. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the United States for being the largest […]

Russian space chief: Sanctions could endanger space station

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia‘s space program announced on Saturday that the future International Space station Space agencies of the United States, European Union and Canada hang in the balance after missing the deadline to meet Russia’s demands to lift sanctions on Russian businesses and hardware. The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, told reporters that the […]

UN Chief Warns of ‘Disaster’ with Continued Use of Fossil Fuels

WASHINGTON — United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday that countries are “sleepwalking into climate disaster” if they continue to rely on fossil fuels, making things worse for nations racing to replace Russian oil, gas and coal with their own dirty energies. Mr Guterres said the ambitious promises made by world leaders at a […]

FBI chief Wray: China is conducting large-scale hacking operations

Chinese‘s intelligence services and associated hackers are running a “big, sophisticated” program to steal information as part of a technology theft campaign greater than all other xenophobes combined. FBI manager Christopher A. Wray. In addition to these, Chinese intelligence Agents, including professional officers, government officials, and elected Americans, are all part of a plan to […]

Virginia Democrats Aim To Block Trump’s EPA Chief From State Agency

WASHINGTON — A rare confirmation battle is brewing around the nomination of Andrew Wheeler, who heads the Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald J. Trump, to assume a similar role in a new Republican state administration in Virginia. Democratic leaders have said they will seek to prevent Mr Wheeler from being responsible for conservation programs, […]

Air Force embraces resigning ex-software chief, warns China

The Air Force said it sought input from the former software chief after he resigned and warned the public that China was winning the AI ​​race. Nicolas Chaillan resigned as the Air Force’s first chief of software last month and issued a letter of resignation lamenting the government’s “delays”, then raising the alarm that China […]

CDC Chief Rejects Agency Panel and Approves Pfizer Boosters

The CDC panel’s guidance followed weeks of internal disagreement and public debate between American health officials and consultants. In mid-August, President Biden announced plans for accelerators to become available, but scientists and regulators cautioned that there is little research into who can benefit and how doses should be distributed. The FDA’s acting commissioner, Janet Woodcock, […]

Facebook Chief Technology Officer to Resign in 2022

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook said on Wednesday Mike Schroepfer, chief technology officer and longtime executive, has planned to step down from his position next year in a rare change to the social network’s top positions. Mr. Schroepfer, who has worked at Facebook for more than 13 years, plans to move into a senior friend role, […]