Canada bans China’s Huawei Technologies from 5G networks

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has decided to ban China’s Huawei Technologies from Canada’s next-generation mobile networks. The development of 5G or fifth-generation networks will provide people with faster online connections and ample data capacity to meet extreme demand as more things connect to the internet and innovations such as virtual […]

China’s Internet Censors Are Trying a New Trick: Revealing Users’ Locations

A hashtag calling for the feature’s swift cancellation had amassed 8,000 posts and had more than 100 million views before it was censored in late April. A university student in Zhejiang province sued the Chinese social platform Weibo in March for leaking personal information without his consent when the platform automatically showed his location. Others […]

Shanghai lockdown tests China’s online grocery apps

But last year things started to go wrong. Despite the scam and money, these companies struggled to make a profit as lockdowns eased and people returned to shopping in person. Worse still, they’ve been caught in China’s new fight against antitrust behavior. The Chinese government acted quickly. to fine and pen editorials questioning the value […]

Bezos questions China’s influence on Twitter through Musk

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has questioned whether China is gaining influence over Twitter’s operations through Elon Musk’s imminent takeover of the social media company. The two billionaires compete in the commercial space industry with Mr. Bezos’ Blue Origin and Mr. Musk’s SpaceX. After Mr. Musk’s bid to buy Twitter received approval from the company’s board […]

Echoes of China’s Russia’s Alternate Reality Intensify Around the World

When Twitter put a warning message on top of a Russian government post denying civilian deaths in Bucha, Ukraine, last week, Chinese state media rushed to defend it. “The statement by @mfa_russia on #Bucha has been censored on Twitter,” wrote Frontline, a Twitter account associated with China’s official English-language broadcaster CGTN. An article in the […]

Rubio calls for more attention to China’s rise in Latin America

MIAMI (AP) — Sen. Marco Rubio As Russia, another US rival, swings its sword in the region amid rising geopolitical tensions over Ukraine, Biden urges the administration to pay more attention to China’s growing influence in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Florida Republican, as a senior member of the Latin American foreign affairs subcommittee, […]

How China’s TikTok is pushing propaganda from Facebook influencers

WASHINGTON (AP) – To her 1.4 million followers on social media, Vica Li says she’s a “life blogger” and “food lover” who wants to teach her fans something. Chinese So they can easily travel the country. “I’ll take you around with my lens Chinese, take you into Vica’s life!” He says in a January video […]

China’s Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Coronavirus

The police had warned Xie Yang, a human rights lawyer, not to go to Shanghai to visit the mother of a dissident. He went to the airport anyway. His phone’s health code app — a digital pass indicating possible exposure to the coronavirus — was green, which meant he could travel. His home city, Changsha, […]

China’s Olympic Practice for Athletes Has Safety Flaws, Study Says

In preparation for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Japan tried to develop a contacts-tracking app that would track foreign visitors, but concerns quickly settled on bugs in the software and whether all visitors would have smartphones to install the app on. The Citizen Lab report said that MY2022 was unable to verify a unique cryptographic signature […]

Policy ‘paralysis’ hinders long-standing US response to China’s rise

America may still be the world’s only superpower, but it has lost the capacity to manage the challenges of an emerging challenge. Chinese. he says so Michael PillsburyThe Mandarin-speaking former senior US official is known for drawing attention to controversial – often forward-thinking – views on the future of the United States.Chinese competition. Mr. PillsburyA […]