Army chooses new rifle for combat troops

This Army chose a replacement weapon for the service’s venerable M-4 carbine, which has been the standard weapon used by combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan for several years. After 27 months of prototyping and evaluation, the New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer Won a $20.4 million contract to manufacture and deliver two Next Generation Squad Gun […]

Uber and Lyft Drivers Combat High Gas Prices

When Adam Potash started driving for Lyft six months ago to make a living, he was happy with his salary. The job was far from lucrative, but it earned around $200 a day before paying for expenses like gas and car maintenance. But as gas prices have soared in recent weeks, Mr. Potash has barely […]

White House says Biden will use SOTU address to combat ‘unprecedented’

Minister Biden will introduce a new “988” crisis helpline and outline funding to combat the harmful effects of social media. he is allocates some her State of the Union Addressing the “unprecedented mental health crisis” in the country, White House said. The three-digit hotline is available in some parts of the country, but will launch […]

This fuel plant will use agricultural waste to combat climate change

A startup plans to build a new type of fuel-producing plant in California’s fertile Central Valley that would, if it works as hoped, continually capture and bury carbon dioxide. The facility, developed by Mote of Los Angeles, would use the mounds of agricultural waste produced on the state’s sprawling almond orchards and other types of […]

US Efforts to Combat Forced Labor Goals Institutional China Ties

A sweeping bill aimed at banning products manufactured by forced labor in China became law after President Biden signed the law on Thursday. But the next four months, when the Biden administration will hold hearings to explore how widespread forced labor is and what needs to be done about it, will be crucial in determining […]

UK Lists Banks to Combat Climate Change

Advocates took to the streets of Glasgow last month to press banks and other financial institutions to become more responsible stewards of the climate at the 26th United Nations climate summit. But a bank just 50 miles east of the Scottish city is already showing what that could look like. NatWest, formerly the Royal Bank […]

How ‘Cold Roofs’ Can Help Combat Climate Change

Last summer, New York City endured three heat waves and many days with temperatures above 90 degrees. In some neighborhoods, such as the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx, which is one of the city’s most heat-vulnerable areas, extreme temperatures are actually lingering and contributing to an increase in heat-related illness and death. This […]

Greece Challenges Green Energy Transition to Combat Climate Change

NAXOS, Greece — A modest stone building high above the Aegean Sea on the windswept west end of one of Greece’s largest islands has become an unlikely outpost in this country’s fight against climate change. Inside is a new power station camouflaged, connected to a 180-mile submarine power cable. connects Naxos in a chain of […]

Night Shows Team Up To Combat Climate Change

Climate change may not be the easiest topic to laugh at, but a group of late-night hosts are getting together in hopes of raising awareness about the topic and even finding some humor about it. On September 22, seven of the network and cable night shows will feature on Climate Night, where each of these […]

To Combat Vaccine Lies, Authorities Are Building an ‘Army of Influencing’

In March, the White House, Dr. He hosted an Instagram Live chat between Fauci and Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, who has more than 16.6 million Instagram followers and is openly skeptical of vaccines. for 37 minutes argumentMr. Derbez was frank about his concerns. “What if I get the vaccine but it doesn’t protect me against […]