Reactions explode as NYU discusses hiring accused scientist

Graduate students, faculty, and alumni from New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine said Wednesday, a biologist who faced the school’s sexual harassment allegations, Dr. He organized a march to protest a report that he might hire David Sabatini. At least 200 people lined up along First Avenue in front of New York University Medical […]

Did a Meteor Explode Over Pittsburgh?

It wasn’t the first time recently that people were wondering about activities that seemed mysterious above them. The sky above New York in December 2018 exploded in a blue light. People theorized about a UFO flight or an alien invasion, but the reason turned out to be a transformer explosion at the Con Edison substation. […]

Did a Meteor Explode Over New Hampshire? This Could Explain the Explosion.

Theories have lit up the internet: An earthquake must have caused a prolonged eruption that shook homes in New Hampshire and at least one neighboring state on Sunday morning. Some have hypothesized: surprising inconvenience. it could be the sound of an airplane breaking the sound barrier. Both scenarios were quickly discounted. Now some meteorologists think […]