Marijuana for Better Sex? Here’s What Science Says.

A lecturer at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Dr. Lynn is lead author of a study published in 2019. survey done 373 women about marijuana at a gynecology and obstetrics clinic in Missouri. Of these, 34 percent reported using cannabis before sexual activity, and most said it resulted in increased sex drive, improved orgasm, […]

Can Marijuana Make You A Better Athlete?

In a study done in 2019 Published in PLOS One magazineOf the 1,161 athletes, mostly runners, cyclists, and triathletes, 26 percent reported that they were current marijuana users. Some would smoke it, some would consume it as food, and some would apply it to their bodies as a cream. About 70 percent of athletes said […]

Science Doesn’t Support The Notion That Marijuana Helps Athletes Perform

a study It concluded that the drug “does not act as a sports performance-enhancing agent as has been promoted by popular beliefs.” Therefore, pre-exercise cannabis consumption should be avoided in order to maximize performance in sports. WADA spokesman Jon Fitzgerald said WADA was “consulting with all stakeholders regarding substances or methods that perhaps need to […]