Fred the Mastodon’s Tusks Reveals A Fighting And Roaming Life

More than 13,000 years ago, an American mastodon roamed what is today the American Midwest. Over the years, it has returned to an area in northeastern Indiana believed to be a mating ground. There he died in battle. Where Mastodon spent his life and how he died was found by examining the chemical signatures recorded […]

‘Twitter philanthropy’ reveals social safety net gaps

Single dad Billy Price was struggling to make a living before someone broke into his Michigan storage unit and stole his identity and ruined his credit. Price filed a police report and then tweeted to Bill Pulte, a multimillionaire who he heard was using Twitter to give money to those in need. “They took almost […]

India’s Extraordinary Heat Wave Reveals the Limits of Protection

A street vendor crouched on the pavement and struggled for breath. A construction worker moved slowly, being careful not to pass out. A house painter was home sick and lost several days’ pay. I met all of them one-on-one report trip to india in the summer of 2018. I went to report on the effects […]

How a Zambian morgue reveals the real covid toll in Africa

Still, in a rare attempt to investigate Africa’s death toll with clinical data, the BU team’s work has had a significant impact, according to outside experts. Watson, who has worked on several studies of covid-19 in low-income settings, says prior to her first paper, that there is a “fairly even balance” within academia between those […]

Giant U-Turn Of A Tanker Reveals Tensions In The Russian Oil Market

Most of this demand is expected to come from Asia. In particular, India’s purchases of Russian oil have increased by more than 700 percent in the five weeks since the start of the war in Ukraine, compared to the previous five weeks, according to data from the Russian Tanker Tracking Group. Understand the Latest News […]

War censorship reveals Putin’s leaky internet controls

BOSTON (AP) — Long before he declared war on Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin was working to turn Russia’s internet into a powerful surveillance and social control tool similar to China’s so-called Great Firewall. When Western tech companies began cutting ties with Russia after the invasion, Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov was alarmed. He had spent […]

Fossil Reveals Secrets of One of Nature’s Most Mysterious Reptiles

New Zealand’s tuatara look like gloomy iguanas. But these spiny reptiles aren’t actually lizards. Instead, they are the last remnants of a mysterious and ancient order of reptiles known as the Rhynchocephalians, which disappeared after their heyday during the Jurassic period. And they really are the weirdos of the reptilian family. Tuataras can live for […]

Venus Reveals Its Warm, Cloudy Side

Venus is so hot that its surface visibly shines through its thick clouds at night. Photos taken by NASA’s Parker Space Probe revealed this. The planet’s average temperature hovers around 860 degrees Fahrenheit, and thick clouds of sulfuric acid obscure view. So far, the only photos of the Venusian surface have been taken by four […]

2,700-Year-Old Figurine Reveals a Heavy Mystery

Two summers ago, while snorkeling in the marshy streams of the Tollense River on Germany’s Baltic coast, a 51-year-old truck driver, Ronald Borgwardt, made a startling discovery. Mixing the peat, she got a six-inch-tall bronze figurine with an egg-shaped head, looped arms, lumpy breasts, and a snout that would make an anteater envy. The figurine […]

OMG, You’ll Never Believe What Laser Vacuum Reveals

After testing the cleaning technology for about a week, I came to the conclusion that there are viable ways to bring these gadgets into our lives. Here is a guide. Dyson Laser Vacuum Introduced last year, the V15 Detect is Dyson’s latest vacuum cleaner. Getting started is simple: you charge the battery, attach a cleaning […]