Twitter shareholders sue Elon Musk, says he’s ‘deflated’ stock price

Twitter shareholders have accused Elon Musk of engaging in “illegal behavior” aimed at casting suspicion over his bid to buy the social media company. The lawsuit, filed late Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges that Twitter tried to lower its stock price because the billionaire Tesla CEO wanted […]

California bill will allow parents to sue over social media addiction

SACRAMENTO, California — California may soon hold social media companies liable for harming children who become addicted to their products, and allow parents to sue platforms like Instagram and TikTok for up to $25,000 per violation, under a bill that passed the state Assembly Monday. In the bill, “addiction” is defined as children under the […]

States Sue Postal Service Over New Gas-Powered Mail Trucks

WASHINGTON — Attorneys general from 16 states and the District of Columbia, along with five environmental groups and United Auto Workers, launched a legal challenge to the U.S. Postal Service on Thursday, alleging it violated the law when it ordered thousands of new mail. trucks that run on gasoline instead of electricity. Together, the three […]

COVID-19 skeptics sue Biden administration over Twitter censorship

Three COVID-19 suspects, censored on Twitter, have sued the Biden administration to block requests for information on their social media accounts. An injunction motion filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio on Wednesday argues that Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra do not […]

Chamber of Commerce threatens to sue Biden administration over FTC

The Chamber of Commerce is preparing for a court battle with the Biden administration’s antitrust enforcers. wants a room Federal Trade Commission submitting records showing how it was done. commission works and possible political interference in their work. chamber officials, FTC It operates through secret procedures and secret ballots while preventing mergers and taking other […]

DC, 3 states sue Google, saying it violates users’ privacy

WASHINGTON (AP) — The District of Columbia and three states are suing Google for allegedly deceiving consumers and violating their privacy by making it nearly impossible for them to prevent their location from being tracked. In a lawsuit filed in District of Columbia court Monday, DC Attorney General Karl Racine alleges that Google “systematically” deceived […]

Four Attorney Generals Sue Google Over Privacy Claims

The District of Columbia and three states sued Google on Monday, alleging that the tech giant cheated consumers into accessing their location data. In separate lawsuits, the DC, Texas, Washington and Indiana attorneys general allege that Google misled users of Android phones and tools like Google Maps and its search engine by continuing to track […]

Can Facebook sue whistleblower Frances Haugen?

Facebook recently took a tougher stance against the whistleblower Frances Haugensuggests that the social network may consider legal retaliation from now on Haugen went public with internal research he copied before leaving him job earlier this year. US law protects whistleblowers who disclose information about potential fraud to the government. However, this protection does not […]

Justice Department will sue contractors who don’t report cyberattacks

Biden’s Justice Department announced this week that it will sue government contractors and companies that receive federal grants if they don’t report cybersecurity breaches. Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco He said Wednesday that the False Claims Act allows the DOJ to take civil action against organizations that have misused federal funds. “Companies have chosen […]

Facebook Comments Could Sue Media Firms In Australia

Dylan Voller was already a polarizing figure in Australia when disturbing, violent and blatantly false accusations against him began appearing on Facebook. Mr. Voller became an overnight celebrity in 2016 after a television story aired about the mistreatment of children in the country’s criminal detention system. photograph 17 years old, hooded and tied to a […]