Avatars Wear Prada – The New York Times

That’s it. Last October, after Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement vision for the new Meta (formerly Facebook) and the glorious future that awaits in Web 3.0, mocked by the decision to do so through an avatar that wears exactly what Mr. Zuckerberg wears in his daily life – it’s in a world of endless possibilities! – Meta […]

How to Print Ducklings – The New York Times

“Ducklings will make their mark on anything that moves larger than a matchbox,” says Antone Martinho-Truswell, co-founder of the Duckling Laboratory at Oxford University while doing his PhD in zoology. Ducks are what scientists call early birds – capable of feeding, swimming and walking soon after hatching. Yet ducklings are vulnerable, so little puffballs have […]

Your Tuesday Evening Briefing – The New York Times

Good evening. Here is the latest situation at the end of Tuesday. 1. The last bridge from Sievierodonetsk was destroyed, It reduces Ukraine’s chances of holding the eastern Donbas region. capture Sievierodonetsk It would give Moscow an important victory. Hundreds of civilians were stranded there as Russia targeted and bombed a chemical plant that housed […]

Hunger in Somalia – The New York Times

Written by my colleague Abdi Latif Dahir. scary article In 2022, no one should have to write: Children starving in Somalia. War and political instability come with forecasts for rising food and fertilizer prices and a below-average rainy season for the fifth consecutive year. About half of the country’s estimated 16 million people do not […]

Hearing the Secret Lives of Dolphins in New York Harbor

It’s a riddle. No one knows exactly why dolphins are being spotted more often and for longer periods of time in and around New York Harbor, the giant estuary where salty ocean tides mix with freshwater from the Hudson River. “We saw a lot of sights,” said one official, Maxine Montello. New York Marine Rescue […]

Feeding a Warmer Planet – The New York Times

The world is facing a terrible hunger crisis. Climate change is making the situation worse. To be clear, hunger is a problem of abundance, not scarcity, in modern times. We produce more food than we eat. Despite this, millions of people go hungry because they can’t afford it. This is grotesque. The pandemic, war and […]

Your Tuesday Evening Briefing – The New York Times

(Want to receive this newsletter in your inbox? record.) Good evening. Here is the latest situation at the end of Tuesday. 2. Ukraine weighs the cost of more lives Against the withdrawal from Donbas. President Volodymyr Zelensky said yesterday that the eastern cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk are “dead” and almost empty of civilians after […]

Quick and dirty cash – The New York Times

Leaders from across America are attending a summit in Los Angeles this week to discuss, among other things, how to build a sustainable future. One of the questions that hung in the meeting was: Does oil and gas have a place in that future? Argentina, like many other middle-income countries sitting on large fossil fuel […]

The Legacy of Sheryl Sandberg – The New York Times

It’s unclear how history will judge Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg said it was Wednesday. Leaving Meta after 14 years As the company’s second-in-command, he leaves behind a complex professional and personal legacy. He helped the company formerly called Facebook become one of the most influential and wealthy companies in the world. His writings and advocacy women […]

A Warmer World – The New York Times

India has contributed little to climate change: Home to 18 percent of the world’s population, India has only 3 percent greenhouse gases warming the planet But India is suffering from climate change. It’s happening now: A heatwave in the past three months has devastated northern India and neighboring Pakistan. Temperatures exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit. So […]