GETTR, the new social media site backed by Trump allies, goes live


A new social media platform called GETTR backed by the former President Donald Trump‘ allies, initiated.

The platform, which can be downloaded from Apple and Google’s app stores, bears a striking resemblance to Twitter, the social media platform that has permanently banned Mr. embers.

“GETTR is a bias-free social network for people all over the world,” reads GETTR’s description on the Apple App Store. “GETTR has tried its best to provide users with the best software quality, allowing everyone to express their opinion freely.”

According to reports, the platform is under development and is managed by Jason Miller, a former spokesman for Mr.

“That’s interesting — @JasonMillerDC has created GETTR, a new social media app that will welcome, not free speech — this app is in testing mode on both iOS and Android versions, so check it out,” said Harmeet K. Dhillon. K. Dhillon, a lawyer and Republican Party official, in a Twitter post linking to GETTR.

David J. Harris Jr. and other conservative personalities and media outlets, including Newsmax, posted messages on Twitter encouraging their followers to sign up for GETTR.

While a @realDonaldTrump account appeared to be visible on GETTR on Thursday afternoon, it did not become visible afterwards, and it remains unclear whether the former president intends to join the platform. Mr. embers According to Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News, she has no financial stake in the platform and does not plan to join GETTR.

Mr. embers‘s office did not respond to a request for comment on GETTR.

The former president joined video platform Rumble, a YouTube competitor, in June and has begun charting a digital comeback as bans against Facebook, Twitter, and Google-owned YouTube continue. her accounts on these platforms.

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